daddy and daughter

Every little girl wants her dad around to love her unconditionally. Fortunately for me, I had a great role model that stepped in as a father figure, my Daddy Paul. I knew even as a young girl that I wanted to marry a man who was similar. Someone who would be my best friend and a pillar of strength … he would be my rock. I wanted my kids to have a father who loved them and always put them first.

I found those qualities, and much more, in my Bobby. He teaches our kids to appreciate everything around them and never take things for granted. He strives to be like his own father, who I know would have been very proud. The gratitude he has for our four little beings far exceeds anything I could ever imagine. My heart explodes just talking about this stellar man I get to live this life with.

Yes, he’s that good, he’s better than good. He’s the best. He devotes his entire life to his family. We feel it. Great guys do exist and I surely found one.schaffer family dylan luckia

Our little girl Dylan, came home from her dance school and was beyond excited because they had just revealed plans to have another daddy-daughter dance at the upcoming recital. Bobby immediately locked eyes with me and laughed before picking her up and twirling her around. He gets excited when she dreams big, even if he is included in that dream.

To know the Schaffers is to know we always have a dance party. However, this event is special. Bobby will grace the stage with his little princess, not because it’s something he sought out, but because it’s what Dylan wants. Last year’s recital was quite the hit with all the dads:

Through this recital, Bobby teaches priceless lessons to our children.

  • Children come first. He shows the kids that our unit comes before anything. He is there for every sporting event for the boys, and he’s clearly tapping his way to Dylan’s heart. By attending weekly recital practices, it’s clear to her that she’s important to her dad. A father’s relationship with his daughter is by far one of the most important in her life. Bobby tells me frequently that he hopes one day Dylan will marry a great man. He approaches his relationship with our daughter in a nurturing, protective and loving way so she can use this as her foundation for her future relationships.
  • Confidence is key. Bobby’s relationship with our daughter is the perfect ingredient for how she views herself.  Dylan is one confident little girl and his verbal encouragement has been consistent from day one.  He is also displaying to our three sons how to treat their own children and wives for that matter. They are watching and absorbing it all like little sponges.
  • Relationships must be nurtured. Bobby works hard to set an example of a healthy relationship and how a husband should treat his wife. Sure we bicker like any normal couple, but at the end of the day he still twirls me around and smothers me with love in front of our kids. Dylan smiles at our affection and Roman always screams, “kiss on the lips.” Jackson is harmoniously in sync with the others and they truly adore us as parents. I can see their happiness with our relationship through their big, impish smiles.
  • He will always be there. When Dylan falls or slips in the routine, Bobby is there to pick her up. He floods our kids with empathy, compassion, and ambition. Without even realizing it, he is an amazing role model and fine tunes our children into awesome little humans.bobby and dylan daddy daughter bond
    dylan lucia

daddy and daughter

Today I salute the man who shows my children what it means to be an amazing dad and role model, and what it means to be in a healthy marriage. He is their hero and is certainly mine. Whether he has to dress up on Halloween or dress for a recital and hit the stage, he certainly goes the distance for his family. Thank you for choosing me as your wife and for creating a family and lifelong memories filled with the love from within. With every twirl and every bow, you have found our rhythm as a family of six. Thank you for keeping our tribe harmoniously in sync and making sure we always dance it out! We love YOU!  Happy Father’s Day!



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