How to Help Your Kids Update Their Bedroom

kids bedroom

kids bedroom

How to Help Your Kids Update Their Bedroom

It turns out that buying clothes to fit your growing children isn’t the most challenging part of them transitioning from toddler to elementary school ages, or even into their teenage years. Staying up to date on fashion trends, making sure their jeans don’t turn into high-waters and ordering the correct sizing isn’t nearly as hard as purchasing bedroom furniture and accessories. Whether you like it or not, your little ones are growing up, and they have an opinion on how they want their room to look! Luckily, you don’t have to break the bank to do a complete remodel that will be dated by next year. Use these tips the next time you’re updating your kid’s bedroom!

After buying a house and a car, furniture is typically the third most expensive purchase someone will make in their life.

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Shop Smart

Sometimes an update doesn’t call for a new bed frame or drawers. Most of the time, you can get by with a few cosmetic changes. Think about how you can make the most of your money and see if new linens and sheets, or swapping out the knobs on a dresser with cuter ones can do the fix! If it’s the room color that’s outdated, search for an on-trend wallpaper or a fresh coat of paint to give an outdated dresser a new look!

About 33 percent of our lives are spent in bed.

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Let Your Little Ones Help

After all, they know what they want their room to look like! Rather than have them pick out the more expensive items like new bed sheets or pieces of furniture, take them to a store like Target. Give them a certain amount of money in an envelope and let them do the shopping! This will not only help teach them the value of a dollar but will allow them to really think about the things they want in their new room. Whether it’s a nightstand lamp, an art piece to hang on the wall or new pillows, they will be so excited about the pieces they chose for themselves.

John Lennon and Yoko Ono once spent a week in bed to peacefully protest against war. They invited press inside of their hotel room to speak about peace for 12 hours each day.

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Set Age Remodels

If you have more than one child, start a tradition for your family by deciding on what year warrants a new room! This gives you the ability to budget and your kids something to look forward to when they finally reach the age for a newly-furnished or redesigned room! For example, you can choose ages 5, 12 and 16 to make sure you hit the major transition years.

The average life span of a couch is eight years.

kids bedroom kids bedroom

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