Hallelujah For Hand-Me-Downs

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Long before the term ‘hacking’ became mainstream, moms of multiples were doing it for centuries. To win at big family parenting without breaking the bank, we’ve got to be clever, resourceful and efficient. Because let’s be real, we can use all the help we can get. And when I find something that makes my life easier, you’d better believe I’m going to share it with my mom tribe.

It’s no secret that hand-me-downs are the way to save, and I’ve had a system going since before my first baby grew out of his onesies. As any younger sibling knows, hand-me-downs are a rite of passage, for better or for worse. With kids, stains are inevitable and buying new clothes year-after-year can add up quickly. But, by using Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster in our laundry routine, those recycled clothes stay stain-free and looking bright for the second, third and fourth child…that’s what the 2 is for.

My youngest is two years old, and although much of what he wears has been passed along from his older siblings, these days he’s celebrating a new season of independence. All of a sudden, he’s become obsessed with dressing himself and is very vocal (albeit his limited vocabulary) about wearing his favorite shirt. Initially, I had no idea he had a favorite shirt. Why would he? He’s just two! But after days of listening to “HOO-HOOO, HOO-HOOO!!,”, I finally understood that he was asking for his owl shirt, generously passed down from his older brother. And who can blame the kid? If mommy’s favorite hat was nowhere to be found, she’d probably lose it, too. The infamous owl shirt has made its way down the line of boys in our house, but ultimately becoming Brody’s go-to staple.

If you’ve got a two year old, you know all about the strong-minded and sometimes stubborn phase of wanting to pick out clothes for themselves. And there’s always that one item they’ll insist on wearing… EVERY. SINGLE. DAY. As great as it is to see our little humans finding their independence, apparently no one’s told them how annoying it is to remove stains from their self-selected uniform day in and day out. As a matter of fact, our favorite little “hoo-hoo” shirt collects new stains by the hour. That’s where my new mom hack Clorox 2® comes in as it can either be a pre-treat to tackle tough stains or use it in the wash with my normal laundry detergent to keep clothes bright. Here’s why it works:

  • Using it as a pre-treat product by directly applying the product to the stain, I was able to remove the toughest of stains
  • When you pair Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster with your favorite detergent in your laundry load, you can actually remove 4X more stains and brighten 2X more than using detergent alone.
  • After countless washes, Clorox 2® has kept our clothes looking new and brighter longer than other stain treatments
  • I’ve been able to save stained clothes even after they’ve gone through the dryer by pre-treating with Clorox 2® Stain Remover & Color Booster, then washing as usual with Clorox 2® product and detergent.
  • Plus, for your little ones, there’s a Clorox 2® Free and Clear formula option, made without dyes or perfumes, ensuring gentleness for sensitive skin.

Even the toughest of stains don’t stand a chance in the Schaffer household. Spaghetti? Forget about it. Blueberries? Not a chance. Grass, my a**. We’ve been there and done that, and pre-treating for 5-10 minutes with Clorox 2® has won us over. Baby Brody gets to sport his “hoo-hoo” on the daily, and mom’s favorite #ootd is saved, yet again, from that coffee (or was it wine?) spill.

Thank you Clorox ® for always having the formula that works, keeping our clothes bright and fresh over and over and over. Whether it’s protecting hand-me-downs for your number two, three or four, or making sure that their “It” shirt stays intact for as long as it fits, Clorox 2® has our back. Besides, the messy moments are the ones that we’re all going to laugh about and remember for a long time to come. So, stop worrying about the mess, enjoy the moment and let Clorox take care of the rest!

This Post Is Sponsored By My Brand Partner, Clorox! As Always, All Opinions Are My Own! Thank You For Supporting CityGirlGoneMom!








  1. These pictures are great!! Clorox is so impressive when it comes to keeping clothes clean and leaving them bright and fresh!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      awe thanks girl….Clorox 2 is a must!

  2. Haha! My boys get this messy every time they eat anything! Glad you are able to keep his Hoooo Hoooo shirt nice and clean!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Awe thanks girl hooooo hooooooo

  3. Oh my goodness, that hair is precious. I love hand me downs and Clorox. I’ve been using Clorox products for some time now.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      awes thanks so much and that pen I like to have in my car and in my purse

  4. My messy boys keep me busy with laundry. I need to try this on their clothes

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      I still cant believe I got those stubborn stains out… its the best really

  5. Oh my god, such a cute toddler! and those hair… the waves every girl wants! That product sounds so great for stains! especially for kids who run everywhere and get dirty all the time!

  6. Clorox has definitely saved the day for us on quite a few occasions. It is amazing for saving those clothes!

  7. I love Chlorox! Been a fan for many a Moon and especially now with the Little’s;) Love Brody’s grin so much💕

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Awe thanks so much girl oxoxo

  8. I wish I knew about these products prior to throwing out several of our first-born’s onesies. They had chocolate milk stains all over them and nothing seemed to work.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Oh I know… how many things could have been saved had I used clorox that first year

  9. I can just imagine how these products must be well-loved as a mom of a toddler! Your little one is adorable!

  10. Clorox as gotten me through some tough situations. For example when we go to my sister house, my disk love to play in her yard and the dirt stains are intense ! Clorox always takes one for the team, so the clothes can become hand-me-downs. Thanks for sharing.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      awe thank you too for sharing this story…

  11. Clorox 2 has saved the day many times over! We always have it on the ready here at our house. Brody is too cute. Thank you for always sharing!!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Awe thanks so much and so glad clorox is a savior for you too…

  12. So cute – I love that smile! Clorox is awesome and a must have in every laundry room.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Awe thanks so much…. and I agree

  13. When my kids want to do a painting, I am scared of. I know I will have double time to do laundry!!! Clorox seems a must have product for me.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Thats awesome…. yes and keep the pen in your purse…. its a savior

  14. I am terrible at getting stains out. I usually try a few times and then just toss the article. I am going to gomive this a try.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      yay thats awesome…. xoxo

  15. Yes! Hand me downs are awesome! I don’t get many for my daughter, so I shop consignment sales.

  16. Clorox is a total staple in my house, even without kids…I have a messy fiance 😉 haha

  17. Your kid looks so cute in these photos. He looks playful too. And ooh, I have six siblings. We had a hard time financially when we were young so we never threw away old clothes. They were automatically given to the younger one once it gets tight.

  18. What a cutie! Yes, hand me downs are great! Getting the stains out of them is important so they can be kept looking great.

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      I agree Clorox is always for the WIN

  19. These pics are great and Clorox is everything to us here at home!!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      Thats awesome yay it really is the best

  20. Thanks dan your the best. That baby boy is to cute. Love am ooooxxxx

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