A few years ago when I thanked a friend for having us for the weekend, he looked at us and said, “All you have in this life is your time and I am so glad to spend my time with you.”  Those words have resonated with me for quite sometime.  He was so right.  Ever since that conversation, I have been really aware of my time and with whom I am spending it.  With our family spending most of July with us, I couldn’t be more excited than to make meaningful memories for all of us.

When you decide to live on the other side of the country from your loved ones, it is imperative you make the time you have with them special.  Fortunately for us, one of my three sister-in-laws comes to visit us every summer no matter where we live.  Our kids are so close in age and are the best of friends that we look forward to their visit year after year.  We love skipping all the camps to embrace one of life’s simple pleasures by spending time with those you love. After all, your time is a different kind of resource.  You can’t buy it, rent it, borrow it, save it, renew it, or multiply it.   All you can do is spend it.

Living in Southern California its quite nice having all of the beaches at a reasonable distance.   We loved our beach days with our East Coast family and enjoyed introducing our stand up paddle boards to them.  The cousins loved the sport of paddle boarding and spent hours having fun around the bay while the younger ones loved collecting shells and searching for sand crabs. (and of course eating cookies)






Another water adventure we had was searching for crabs, barnacles and mussels at the La Jolla Tide Pools right before sunset.  The kids just loved this experience exploring on the algae covered rocks, digging for sea life.  Watching their faces engulfed in wonderment at the possibility of what might be hiding between the rocks was incredible.  However, one thing is you must check the surf report to make sure the tide is low.  You will have a much better chance of seeing more marine animals and plants when it’s low tide.










There are so many things to do in San Diego with your visitors, however, it’s the little things that seem to make us all laugh and smile and really enjoy each other.   I guess what I have learned the most about our TIME and how it’s spent is connecting with the ones you love.  The more time you get with those that matter can bring you true happiness.

It’s our actions, not just our words that really speak what our hearts are feeling.  It’s like a dream having our family around this long, especially that I am expecting my 4th bundle of joy.  This visit has been another family adventure that will be remembered for years to come.  I would love to hear from you.  What do you do to cherish the time you have when family visits?  Comment below…







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7 thoughts on “Family Comes First This Summer”

  1. It is so very true that the only real gift in life is the precious ‘present’ moment;) We run around like chickens with heads thoroughly removed sometimes but it’s that coming back to center, that means the most and tastes the sweetest after realizing just how much mental energy, and busy-ness had just been spent. I feel blessed that we don’t need much stimulus to be happy, and feeling like a day was well spent. Many moments are chosen for me on advance, like most mothers: the kid’s needs, routines, essential errands, etc. etc. But there are so many pockets left to choose to be present within– basking in simple contemplation, observation of all the world around me and of course my boys are always the best entertainment and it’s always on the house! Thanks for sharing your valuable time, sharing these precious moments in your life and inspiring others;)

  2. Great post! Yes I agree our time is everything! Good for u for recognizing how important spending time with people you like is! Miss u!

  3. You are teaching your kids such a valuable lesson. Being present into the moment and enjoying family and experiences! 3 weeks and I can hug you all in person

  4. Well said, it’s so important to just stop and enjoy the moment, at that moment. The time spent with loved ones , be they family or friends is what I remember most fondly about my childhood. It didn’t have to be a superfabulous trip Somewhere, it was doing the ordinary with people you love that made it extraordinary.


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