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When you have a big family and a lot of little ones to entertain, I find it to be very important to check into a hotel that offers adventure-centric activities. We travel a lot with three kids in tow and we are always encouraging the children to try new things and experiences. As for Bobby and I, as parents, we are always striving to expose them to something new even in the midst of one of our ordinary days.

Paradise Point, located in San Diego attracted our family because they share our energy and sense of Schaffer style fun.  Like I said before, we are always looking for new fun and experiences, so Paradise Point seemed fitting.  This hotel is located on its very own island.  It sits on a 44-acre property, which is encircled by one mile of sandy beach, perfect for my sand-castle-building babes.  And if you don’t want to get sandy, there are five pools to choose from.  I seriously felt like we were on Fantasy Island waiting for someone to say, “Da Plane… Da Plane.”


Lets face it, with big family traveling, it’s all in the details.  It just has to be with so many littles in tow.  One perk that we truly loved was how their super size golf carts would pick us up and take us to wherever it was we were exploring; whether we were fine dining, golfing, or sailing, that golf cart always had us covered!  The kids loved it, but when we didn’t use the golf cart, the island was great for providing scooter transportation, which was especially fun for the kids.  Unfortunately, they want us to buy a golf cart for home too. (not happening this year)



The activities were endless and my kids were hoping we were moving in.  We couldn’t believe their list of island recreational activities, that included:

  • Basketball
  • Croquet & Ping Pong
  • Bocce Ball & Horse Shoes
  • Golf
  • Hiking
  • Surf
  • A marina that offers an array of activities where you could jet ski, sail, wakeboard, kayak, stand-up paddle board, and fish.

May 30th- September 1st they have the Island Adventure Club, which lets the younger ones discover all the marvels of Paradise Point in their own fun way.  Kids 4-12 get the opportunity to explore the island, make smores, hunt for sea shells, participate in scavenger hunts, and so much more, while mommy and daddy get a break. Sounds like a win-win!

Each time we travel it does seem to get a bit easier with the kids.  Bobby and I are both learning what we need to do as parents and checking into a hotel that has it all like Paradise Point makes out time away that much better.  Thank you Paradise Point for really mastering the details which made our stay both relaxing and adventuresome.  As parents we love to just simply ESCAPE!!JI6A4334 JI6A4383 JI6A4381


We spent most of our time trying to experience all the activities offered at the hotel.  Our children loved feeding the fish and numerous amount of ducks. Personally, I enjoyed listening to the Hawaiian music that was being played throughout the restaurants and various parts of the island. which allowed my mind to drift a little to my own fantasy island.

As a family we loved playing bocci ball in our front yard, which was the bay. And if you have kids like mine who think they are fish, swimming in any of the 5 magnificent pools is always a hit! Not to mention, they also really enjoyed playing golf. However, Roman, my 3 year old, only let us get half way through the course before he made it a point that he was done playing.  These special moments here at Paradise Point has definitely created chapters that will be talked about for years to come.














As a mom, I learned that it’s so important to take breaks from this roller coaster we call life.  You can easily feel wiped out with the same routine over and over.  So whether it’s for a day outing or a stay at a hotel, removing your family from that routine can be somewhat refreshing.  It’s the exact pick-me-up our family so deserved.  It’s within these type of “escape” moments that we as parents get to truly enjoy the children.  Thank you Paradise Point for giving us this NEW experience and making our stay easy and adventurous.  We surely will not forget!


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3 thoughts on “Escape To Paradise”

  1. Thanks for the great feedback! We were looking forward to going here already and now more so! Do you think it would be good for an 18 month old? Were the bungalows quiet? We were planning on going there for our 10 year anniversary and taking our son to Sea World and the San Diego Zoo.

  2. I LOVE The last pic of delightfully exhausted children; ahhh that summed it all up so perfectly;) We love that place; both before and and after having kiddos!


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