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Friday Faves

Hellooooooo Friday, we have missed you so…. We are so close to freedom (aka the weekend), that I could almost taste it.  I am so excited to present to you my Friday favorites, which encompasses a myriad of things like clothing, paintings, Tiffany and more.

This week I chose to look at the work of Amanda Hofmann. She makes jewelry, and paints, which are not only interesting to look at, but also inspiring.  I fell in love with her collection of paintings that focus on the circle of life and loss.  Here is an excerpt from an essay she wrote on the subject.

“This series explores life and loss with a reliance on symbols to represent the soul. Looking at loss through this form of naturalism transforms grief into remembrance in a way that exults the person lost by giving life in another form, carrying on the soul through the spirit animals and objects depicted in the paintings.”

I love it when I find artists that ascertain such talent and passion like Amanda does.  I found her through a friend of mine.  I am so happy she sent her work my way and I hope you will be too…

anna hofmann designs


Leaf earrings

Leaf earrings



My next Fave for this week incorporates my favorite things from Children Of the Tribe. This Australia based company focuses on children in their natural state.  Children of the Tribe uses many tribal, animal, and floral prints, along with earthy tones to represent the natural elements, such as the coast, the mountains, and the desert. All of these concepts can be seen throughout their collection to evoke the innocence and wonderment of children and their childhood. The brand has really mastered creating timeless pieces for free-spirited little ones who love to roam and explore our planet.  Enjoy my picks from their collection!
children of the tribe



‘Oh Deer’ Bed Sheet

Baby Wrap

Bird of Prey Onesie

Camel Onesie

A Bag Full of Goodness

This Fave showcases many items from Spool 72.  I love the look of their clothing and a perk of shopping here is that the prices are affordable.  They have the boho look I love at a fraction of the cost. It’s always good to know when you can save a little without sacrificing your look.  Happy Shopping!
gypset style spool 72


Pink dress

Cut out dress

Blue jeans

Office accessory


Modern home decor

 My last Fave reflects the essencse of Tiffany & Co for the home, which I like to call my Little Blue Box.  C’mon, who doesn’t love Tiffany & CO? They always have a great selection of top-notch items that will surely never go out of style.  Tiffany is the epitome of timeless.  Every woman loves a little Breakfast at Tiffany’s. Happy Shopping and Happy Weekend!
TIFFANY & CO. .... Gifts For The Home 2015


Tiffany Co clock

Plaid Decanter

Champagne Case
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  1. Danielle – Thank you so much for featuring my work today! I’m honored, because your blog is truly gorgeous! I’m so glad Erica introduced it to me – I absolutely love it!

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