IMG_4303Dr. Joy Jacob’s message to moms… “If you don’t show up for you, you can’t show up for anyone else…”

It’s hard for me to believe that within a week I will go from three kids to four.  I am elated, scared, restless, all of it.  A NYC friend of mine who also resides in San Diego, Dr. Joy Jacobs  recently held a Meditation & Miracles class.  I obliged to her request to attend … to of course support her, but really had no idea what I was stepping into.  After all, I truly have never meditated before, nor do I know what it is to slow down and breathe.  I am usually the one with a turbo charged cape soaring through each day without ever stopping.

Meditation and Miracles postcard cover

Now that I am extremely close to the end of my last pregnancy, I find that I am having more panic attacks and can’t possibly do it all.  I also feel like I am all over the place Danielle 4.0 needs to take it down a notch to possibly 2.0.  Dr. Joys invitation asked, “Are you interested in feeling happier, more content, with greater peace in your life?  If you ever find yourself stressed, overwhelmed, confused or unhappy – and most of us fall into this category at one point or another  then this class is for you.”  Well sign me up Dr!  I will waddle, but I will be there.  After all, I am truly open-minded.

When I arrived in “the space,” that’s what they called it, it was filled with familiar friendly faces that made me really feel at home.  It was evident by my surroundings that Joy designed this class to help us all be happier, more content and less stressed.  “A miracle mindset,” she would say, “and a miraculous life is much easier than we can ever imagine.”  With that, I was hooked!

Joys teaching went on to explain that our fearful ego mind tricks us into thinking that life is much more difficult and harder than it needs to be.  Truth is if we can’t show up for our selves and take care of ourselves how can we be present for anyone else?  Though the class was only an hour, I felt like I took so much away from it.  When we take the time to transform our inner world, our outer world changes along with it.

I also found it very relaxing to actually take the time to breathe and take in the therapeutic music that accompanied each breath.

Joy did refer to two books during the class quite often and if you ask me they sounded like they were “must haves” for your personal journey to spiritual health.  Just click on the photos below to purchase the books.


Click photo to buy this book!
Click photo to purchase this book!

What I am learning is if you take the time for self-care, meditation, contemplation, and transformation, you will benefit everyone around you, most of all your family.

Dr. Joy Jacobs explains, “You can become a miracle worker in this world without being a preacher or a saint.  Every person you interact with can be positively impacted by your light, your kindness, your gentleness, your love. You are incredibly powerful and this course is designed to help you harness that power to improve your life and all whom you touch.”

Her words meant so much to me.  My entire life I have been told I had great energy.  I think I finally understand what that means.  I love people and I think that is what makes my energy more magnetic than someone who is unkind, closed off and mean.

After class a few of us were able to discuss what was pertinent in this lesson.  I am happy to share what we took away:

  • Fear can lead to micro-managing
  • Surrender to forces greater than yourself
  • There is something in this universe that is protecting you and guiding you
  • Everything in life is leading you to a better place
  • Remove the blocks to happiness
  • Love is real and fear is not real… nothing real can be threatened

Thank you Dr. Joy Jacobs for awakening my inner self and for guiding us to transform our perceptions, master our minds and develop to our fullest potential.  After all, there is nothing to lose, except the battlefields we have in our own minds.  This experience has shown me how to dismantle the war and live and breathe with more clarity and focus.  I am looking forward to many more in the future.



If you are not local to the San Diego area and want to check out one of Joy’s classes, you certainly can from all over the world.  Just download the Periscope app and search for @drjoyjacobs.  Its available 24 hours a day and its FREE.  Her schedule can be seen here.  I would love to hear from you!  Comment below and let me know how you show up for yourself!




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  1. To my beautiful niece and handsome nephew…….OMG,
    God Bless. A new addition. No one deserves this happiness more than you do. You have been blessed with a magnificent family. You have it all. We love you. All of you.
    Aunt Jody & Uncle Vinny.


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