There are so many measures we take as parents to protect our little ones.  From the best car seats, to broad spectrum sunscreen, to what we let them eat like raw foods and organic just about everything.  We work eagerly as parents in our day-to-day protecting our children.  But what about their future?

As a family, we don’t think twice about making an investment in our health. Did you know saving your baby’s cord blood stem cells now can give your family the tools for a fighting chance against serious diseases and damaging conditions? Cord blood stem cells are helping medical advancements take place, and for me, not investing in our family’s future is simply not an option.

I first found out about cord blood banking with Cord Blood Registry (CBR), eight years ago when I was pregnant with my first-born, Jackson.  My best friend in NYC called me and told me I needed to check out this company and the benefits that went along with saving your baby’s cord blood stem cells.  I immediately got on the phone and spoke to a very knowledgeable representative and by the end of the call I knew I was banking my baby’s cord blood.  When I considered how much money is being spent on toys and clothes that the babies outgrow, spending money on cord blood banking just seemed like a no brainer.


Here I am now eight years later having my unexpected 4th baby and shockingly the same representative is proudly still working at CBR and helped me with the process once again.  Of course this time around technology has advanced (like it always does) and it’s not just cord blood banking they offer, but now CBR offers the opportunity to also save your baby’s umbilical cord tissue, which contains different types of cells than what is found in the cord blood. The cord tissue is being researched for the ability to help repair and heal the body in different ways than cord blood stem cells. There are many areas being researched with the various cell types found in cord tissue from conditions that affect the skeletal system to wounds, burns and ulcers.

Thanks to the parents who save or donate their newborns’ cord blood, the Ob/Gyns who collect, and the physicians and researchers who use it, there have been 30,000+ transplants using cord blood stem cells performed worldwide.  But the science doesn’t stop there.



As a mom, you don’t like to see your child with a cold or a scraped knee, never mind a life threatening illness.  Saving our child’s cord blood and cord tissue is such an immeasurable investment.  After talking to our pediatrician and learning how he saw cord blood banking save a child’s life that simply was enough for me.  I also learned that families who decide not to save cord blood for themselves may donate their child’s cord blood to a public bank, where it is available for any patient in need, and they can still be part of the bigger scientific process by enabling someone else to potentially use these cells.

Choosing to preserve our children’s cord blood stem cells with CBR is definitely one of the best investments we have made in our family’s future.  I don’t question our decision to invest in this at all and watching how the research evolves year after year has been quite reassuring.


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Disclaimer: I received a discount from CBR for sharing my story. 




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5 thoughts on “Cord Blood Banking: We’re In!”

  1. I did this with our Son, Ryan. I feel a sense of relief knowing that I have it in case we should ever need it. Of course, we hope that we won’t!! I am happy to hear that they are now able to save the Umbilical Cord as well for even more possible benefits. As technology continues to advance, who knows what our Children’s Cord Blood will be able to help them with in the future. The possibilities could be endless!


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