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San Diego boasts some of the hippest beach towns in the country and proudly carries a coastal vibe of its own. And most, sport an outdoor lifestyle because San Diego wins with its perfect temperatures. As a New York City girl who still loves her seasons, I often find it amusing when locals become surprised and dejected by the dropping temperatures during the winter months. Californians get caught off guard when they need to actually bundle up in America’s Finest City.  And with the climate changing world-wide, it comes as no surprise that these drastic temperature changes takes a toll on our skin.

I personally love everything about winter. I love to feel toasty and warm by the fire, make the kids hot chocolate to sip, and settle in with some cozy blankets. Unfortunately winter also brings dry air, which can lead to uncomfortable itchy, winter skin. It happens to all of us, but my oldest child suffers the worst. Jackson has had eczema since birth. Every winter it seems to worsen, no matter what state we live in, we have to take measures to protect his skin once the temperature drops.

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Luckily, there’s advice we can follow. Dr. Wendy Sue Swanson of Seattle Mama Doc refers to eczema as “the itch that rashes” and states that it is common to see an increased risk for eczema flare-ups in the winter. It is the “rash that itches” because a patch starts and a child can’t help but itch it. Then it blooms from there. Her advice: “If your child suffers from eczema, talk to your pediatrician to create an action plan for combating these dry months and hopefully avoiding such severe tolls and trolls on everyday life.”

And take note, Swanson says that eczema primarily affects kids. According to the CDC the United States is seeing an increase in eczema cases in children and a recent study suggests at least 10% of children in the US suffer from this skin condition.

Whether it’s your child or you, dry skin is one of the most common winter challenges for everyone and it can indeed be avoided.  If you take the following advice from, you can help prevent that unwanted dryness for both adults and kids too.  Who wouldn’t want summer skin beneath the layers of sweaters and gloves?

6 Steps To Prevent Winter Dry Skin For Kids and Parents too



Sunscreen 24/7 Even in the Winter Months

Living in Southern California means we literally can ski and surf, all within the same day. The close proximity between sand and snow gives all the kids bragging rights, rightfully so. But one thing they can’t brag about is the toll this outdoor lifestyle can play on your skin.  When I was a kid, sunscreen was used only in the summer months. Stowing sunscreen under the sink during the winter months is not an option anymore. Sunscreen is important throughout the year and the daily application of sunscreen on your face should never be forgotten.

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As a busy mom of four, I keep an arsenal of sunscreen in plenty of places, ensuring our family will be protected from the sun’s harmful rays. I can always count on a tube of sunscreen in my purse, in my car, my kids’ backpacks, and I have a sunscreen drawer at home where the kids can apply lotion on their own before heading outdoors. (And as always, when using anything over the counter, read the drug facts label first before applying.)

Cold winter weather has gripped much of the nation already and I have learned that it can certainly impact everyone’s skin. The good news is that most winter skin problems (including the more dangerous ones) can be prevented.  Air humidifiers can improve the moisture levels in your home or work environment, while a good moisturizer can seal in moisture, keeping your skin feeling soft.  Covering your skin with warm clothing and reducing your exposure to outdoor cold can help avoid the environmental assault on your skin.  If you have tried the above tips and your skin still feels dry, its best you call your doctor.

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