I can’t believe we are closing our chapter on 2016.  As I look back, it certainly feels like such a whirlwind.  We started the year with our first California home purchase.  It was such an emotional experience for us as we have longed to plant some roots after 12 plus exhausting moves.  Giving our children some stability and a place they can call home while we get the chance to mark their heights in a door jamb has been a dream come true.

Gradually, and oh so subtly, I have found my love of documenting our life to be so rewarding in some really great ways.  I started my blog as a way to record my photography and our life and its transposed into something so much greater.  I am a risk taker, always have been and putting our lives out there at times can be scary, but I love telling our story.  And just like when someone falls in love, you’re kind of are unaware of whats happening.  I love what I do, I didn’t know it would consume so much of me and a lot of them too.  Not in a bad way at all, more so like a historian who documents ones life.  But with my efforts, whether they were challenging or just flowing, came a little community of readers who actually enjoy my notes on parenting.  And for me, I couldn’t be more grateful for this place where I get to be me and show you us.  

Thank You 2016

It’s been a great journey, with my pen and camera in hand.  I love sharing all things I love from my home renovations, to bringing you great eats, and my parenting-in-style tales.  We got to watch baby Brody flourish in his first year of life.  He’s still crawling, but now happily sports three teeth.  I am still nursing, which has been extremely relaxing for both baby and I.  It’s our quiet time… I honestly feel that 2016 was a nice exhale for me.  I have closed shop on the baby factory and really can focus on the four beautiful beings,  including one amazing husband and two fur babies.  Having our first home here in Southern California  has given us halls filled with joyous noise and my children a sense of  security to now make friends, knowing we won’t be moving anytime soon.  Connecting with our community has been such a highlight this year and we love the friends we have on our block.


Both this past summer, and currently over this winter break we spent time with our families.  Bobby’s family visited us for the month of July.  From paddle boarding to sunsets and bonfires, the fun that we had will be etched in our memories forever.  Now, my New York Italian family is here and we are looking forward to bringing in the new year with a big road trip up the California coast.

As a mom who works from home, I am making sure I too take the breaks needed to reset and recharge.  I want to give every bit of my self to the kids and our cousins who are visiting, which means I need to unplug.  Not easy for someone who documents every detail, but I certainly will try.  This will be my last blog post till the new year.  I am  going to jump in the car “Griswald style,” and head up the “holiday road” with 12 family members in tow.  The kids don’t even know what we have in store for them!

Whats Next?

I feel a shift coming for the new year.  No, not an earth shattering seismic shift, but definitely stepping things up a notch.  I am so excited to be adding a podcast to my blog with a dear friend of mine.  It’s with a major network so I am quite giddy inside.  Who knew my life would come in full circle like this?  I used to be a DJ at my college radio station, so to get back into the studio will be so much fun.  Stay tuned for this one… I will formally announce it when we are ready to go!


The mother ship of all craft stores was just built next door to my home, so I will also be bringing more DIY projects to my website.  I am quite crafty and I am looking forward to adding some really cool projects to share with you all.

Home Renovations

I am determined to have every inch of my home feel like a charming modern farmhouse.  We will be tackling one space at a time with trim, trim and more trim.  My favorite? Shiplap and Tongue and Groove.  Home design is something my husband and I both love and we are looking to do more projects together.  We love building homes so much that its hard to believe we won’t be moving for quite some time.  In 2017 we will be channeling our inner HGTV and doing a fun room for the kids with some really cool companies, so stay tuned!

Young Hollywood

As most of you know, my children have been in magazines and in movies.  They belong to an agency who are like a second family to us.  Recently, our little boy Jackson tried out for Modern Family and they loved him.  They chose him out of 2000 kids for a scene with Lily.  Sadly, the script was changed and his character was written out of the episode, but they feel a lot of cool things are going to happen for him because of this.

It’s definitely a wild ride braving the traffic and the LA scene for your kids, but I do it.  It’s no easy feat and any mom in the industry knows how crazy the sacrifice is.  As long as they are having fun and we can handle the juggle, then we go the distance for them!  It will be fun to watch what’s in store for 2017 for the little ones.  You can follow us on Instagram @citygirlgonemom.

Bring on 2017

It’s hard to believe Christmas has come and gone.   We are trying to stretch its magic as long as we can for all of us.  It’s not just a favorite holiday for the littles, but for us parents too.  We really are embracing where we are as parents to four children.  We are a little sad that we have to wait an entire year for the next holiday season.  The kids change so quickly, so I am glad I had the chance to document the month as much as I could.

As we close this chapter, we have learned a lot.  No matter what unpaved road we tackled, whether smooth sailing or any unforeseen obstacle, we were able to stand up and persevere, a trait my grandmother happily passed down.  We have always kept our faith and keep pushing on.  We wish the best year ever to all of you and your families!  Thank you for all the support and have a very blessed and Happy New Year!

Love Danielle, Bobby and the Schaffer Kids!



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8 thoughts on “2016 A Year Of Reflection”

  1. Thanks for a great year D; through words, exceptional pics and MUCHO PASSION!!!! Your love of your work is truly infectious. Keep up all this goodness and can’t wait to see more in the New Year.


  2. If I can’t have you here with me….your blog is the next best thing to keeping in touch. Love reading about your adventures and watching the kids grow. Happy 2017!!!

  3. I’m so happy I found you in my life this year Danielle. I hope you’ll find some time in 2017 to get in my yoga class!
    Check out the picture you took of me in the January edition of Ranch & Coast Magazine:-).
    Love + Namaste~


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