We’re convinced that no other decor meshes cozy and chic together better than farmhouse accents. Playing with wicker and wood textures, gold and brass accents, and using bold fonts or prints makes decorating the home easy. From the living room, the bathroom and each hallway in between, we’re incorporating farmhouse accessories throughout the entire house, including the home office!

Your home office is your home away from home, away from home. It’s where you can get out of your kitchen or away from the couch and find some quiet space. So why not dress it up? To make the most of your home office, here are our favorite farmhouse accessories to decorate your workspace. 

Fifty-four percent of people say their home, not the office, is ideal for important job-related assignments.

to-do list

Kraft Paper Roll and Holder

Start with making your 9 to 5 to-do list easier to look at with this kraft paper roll and holder from Anthropologie. Hang it on the side of your desk to keep your daily goals in perfect sight. When you clock out and cross off your last task for the day, just imagine how satisfying ripping off the sheet will be.

desk farmhouse lamp

Clarence Table Lamp in Antique Brass

If you’re spending a late night at your desk while the rest of the house is asleep, you can put your headphones in, light a candle and switch on this Arhaus brass table lamp. With a canvas lampshade and brass metal, this piece is the definition of farmhouse decor.

beige rug with bowl

Jute Chenille Herringbone Rug

Sticking with a farmhouse theme is easy because of the neutral color palette. If your room has enough space, add a big statement piece like this herringbone patterned rug from West Elm to help tie in all of the browns, whites and golds in the room.

farmhouse home office

Manchester Upholstered Swivel Desk Chair

Sit through your conference calls in something comfy and pretty. Pottery Barn’s upholstered swivel desk chair brings in the chic we need to balance out the cozy. With three different kinds of wood to choose from, you can easily set the tone for the rest of your office decor.

Eighty-eight percent of employees in a recent survey said telecommuting would reduce their overall stress.

desk organizing accessories

Codify Pencil Holder

Keep your supplies organized with the Codify Pencil Holder from Anthropologie. This can be ordered in bright gold or a toned-down bronze to complement the type of wood tones you have in your farmhouse office. We’re also adding those neutral-colored pencils and bronze scissors to our cart—you should too!

candle holder

Aliso Small Lantern

Pick your favorite candle scent (balsam fir, anyone?), place it in this small glass lantern from Arhaus, light it and let the smell fill your home office. May the aroma give you the ability to get through your day with as little stress as possible!

wall shelves

Customizable Brackets & Shelves

Move the clutter of memos, folders and meeting notes off of your desk and onto this shelf from Pottery Barn. Mix the design up and add in a small white vase of flowers or some of your favorite books to bring some fun into your workspace.

glass picture frames

Jules Frame

When your desk is clear of folders and notebooks, place a few of these Arhaus glass frames on top of it. Fill them up with family photos, your favorite picture of your dog or a bold, black and white typography print that reads something along the lines of “work hard, play hard” or whichever phrase encourages you the best. Maybe even, “It’s 5 o’clock somewhere.”?

Approximately 3.3 million employees worked remotely at least half the time pre-quarantine.

large woven baskets

Open Weave Zigzag Baskets

Snag a couple of these multi-functional zigzag baskets from West Elm! You can store your posture pillow in it (you know, the one that goes between your back and chair to help you sit up straight), blankets for when the office gets a little too cold or you can make it a home for a fiddle leaf plant. Farmhouse designs can always use a little bit of greenery!

brass knobs

Faceted Ory Knob

Executing a farmhouse feel in your home office down to the details is simple. Order a few of these Anthropologie’s faceted Ory knobs to switch them out with your standard desk knobs. If your desk is light wood we recommend purchasing black and if your desk is dark wood, opt for the gold!

For remote employees, 77 percent noted they were more productive working from home.

farmhouse file cabinet

Telegraph Four Drawer File

So, you moved around your office for aesthetic reasons and realized you have more paperwork than you do storage. We’ve been there, too. Instead of sacrificing your farm design by purchasing a filing cabinet, we found this four-drawer file from Arhaus. Farmhouse perfection!

woman writing in calendar


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  1. This is such an awesome list! Great timing as I’m currently re-designing my work from home space which is rustic themed. Just got this desk mat from https://officedeskmat.com/ and I thought the Codify Pencil Holder will definitely go well with it! Lucky me


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