Don’t think you have a green thumb? You will by the end of this article! Nothing brightens a room and says “welcome home” like vibrant houseplants (and four children running around…and three dogs…).

But these green beauties are so much more than good looks. Integrating plants for your home helps purify stagnant indoor air, removing pollutants and replacing them with fresh oxygen so you’ll be breathing better in your space. No matter if you’re a plant pro or green to gardening, here are 10 must-have plants to brighten up your home this spring!

The earth has more than 80,000 species of edible plants. However, 90 percent of the foods humans eat come from just 30 species of plants.

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Fiddle Leaf Fig

Danielle’s beloved fiddle leaf fig is an Instagram favorite and one she’s had for over five years. These babies are a little on the finicky side as far as houseplants go, but some good rules of thumb are to keep them away from dry, drafty air and not to overwater.

Danielle keeps hers situated in the corner and looking shiny with her secret tip: massaging the leaves with mayo! Try it for yourself! Your fiddle leaf fig will thank you.

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Offering some variety from the Corn Plant to the impressive Dragon Plant, the Dracaena green beauty is a staple for every plant lover.

They come in quite a few variations, from short and frilly to tall and spindly, providing many design options. The taller version offers a very tropical palm-like appearance in a slim, bedroom-friendly size.

The first certified botanical garden was founded by Pople Nicholas III in the Vatican City in 1278 AD.

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Spider Plant

Talk about a powerhouse plant! These guys made quite a name for themselves in a NASA study on air purifying plants for space travel. Not only are these beauties powerful air purifiers, but they are also a breeze to grow and care for!

Despite the scary name, the long ribbon-like leaves look gorgeous in a traditional pot on an end table or flowing gracefully over the sides of a hanging planter.

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Snake Plant

Another NASA-approved air purifier, this just might be the perfect plant for all plant killers. Snake plants not only tolerate neglect, they often thrive on it! They love minimal water, root-bound pots, and aren’t too picky when it comes to lighting, making them extremely versatile in their placement around the home.

Also known as “Mother in Law’s Tongue” these sharp and sassy plants will stick around for the long haul!

Bamboo is the fastest-growing woody plant in the world; it can grow 35 inches in a single day!

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ZZ Plant

Quite possibly tied with the snake plant on the “impossible to kill” scale is the ZZ Plant, or Zamioculas Zamiifolia. This little tongue twister is a must for any Insta-worthy houseplant collection. With its shiny, rich green leaves and love of low light and dry soil, this is the perfect houseplant for every busybody.

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Nothing brings the beauty of a lush jungle indoors like a Pothos! This elegant vining plant does great in low light and even better next to a sunny window.

While they can quickly grow into a long tangle of creeping vines, they don’t attach to surfaces, making them the perfect houseplants for any apartment.

Ginkgo is one of the oldest living tree species, it dates back to about 250 million years ago.

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Similar in appearance to pothos, but with darker leaves, the philodendron will take both neglect and smothering! These are also incredibly easy to propagate, so one little vine can quickly be transformed into a little jungle.

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Air Plants

A plant that grows on air?! Yes, please! Because they thrive on low light and have no need for soil, you can stick these babies literally anywhere! Give them a little misting every few days when the leaves become silvery, or give them a good soak every couple of weeks.

Plus because they grow so easily almost anywhere, these give life to dull or dark corners in your home.

During the 1600s, tulips were so valuable in Holland that their bulbs were worth more than gold. The craze was called tulip mania and caused the crash of the Dutch economy.

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Rubber Tree

A relative of the Ficus family, the Rubber Tree dresses to impress with its dark emerald and ruby-toned leaves. This plant thrives near a sunny window and really pops against some sheer white curtains.

These houseplants are a little thirstier than the others, so it’s an excellent choice if you lean towards the more overbearing, doting type of plant parent.

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Peace Lily

Peace Lilies offer the same air-purifying qualities as many of the plants listed above, with the added bonus of elegant white flowers. She’s a favorite of those with a green thumb and those without, with her flair for the dramatics.

When she’s happy, she’ll put on a show with her beautiful white flowers. If she’s feeling parched, she’ll let you know with a dramatic melancholic droop of her leaves. Despite the drama, she’s sure to please with her elegant beauty.

Trees are the longest-living organisms on earth.

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