I’m the proud mom of four unique, funny, smart, and beautiful kids. Every day is such a fun and bright experience getting to be their mom, see them grow into their own people, and watch them flourish. Not to toot our own horns (but hey, sometimes we need to do that), but Bobby and I are pretty proud of ourselves! You all know how hard it is to raise kids. Parenting is no joke! But on the holiday of love, I’m feeling all the feels in looking at our beaut iful, dynamic family. My kids really are my valentines!

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Our Oldest Jackson

When I had my first son, Jackson, my heart birthed a new sense of understanding for boys. My life would go from fashion and flowers to trucks, choo-choos, and superheroes. With those big eyes, we quickly explored modeling and acting, which he enjoyed for many years. He’s now a teenager fully into his high school years (OMG!). He’s confident, passionate about sports, a mini-me of his dad, and an amazing role model to his younger siblings.

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Our Girl Dylan

My darling daughter takes after me with that drive and good energy. She fell in love with dance at an early age and still pursues and loves it to this day—she’s the one who got Brody dancing, too! I love her confident spirit, how she sets goals and crushes them, and never lets a roadblock prevent her from going after what she wants. I believe women have the power to change the world and I’m so proud to see Dylan step into her own spotlight.

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Our Sweet Roman

My camera-shy, but big-hearted Roman is growing into himself every day. When he was younger, he was always trying to keep up with his older siblings, following in their shoes, and going on superspeed to keep up with them. Now I see him coming into his own and it’s such an amazing thing to witness. He’s full of energy, always keeping me on my toes, but leads with the biggest heart.

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Our Boss Brody

Our youngest has been stepping into his spotlight since the day he was born. It’s been such a privilege to watch him shine and share his sparkle with all of you. From the dance floor to the kitchen floor, he’s always putting on a show and reminding all of us to embrace who you are, never take life too seriously, and go after your passions. I love his love for life, it inspires me to do the same!

Sometimes, a mom just has to brag! My heart is so full this Valentine’s Day. With my four kids and husband by my side as my valentines, I feel pretty unstoppable.

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