JI6A6508-2Paging Dr. Roman Walker to the ER!

When I was pregnant with Roman,  I thought I was going to name him Jett Ryan.  Then when he was born I changed it on the spot.  I turned to my husband and said, “Paging Dr. Roman Walker to the ER,” and gave him a big smile. That’s a perfect doctor name for him.  After all, Roman is going to be a surgeon. (wink wink)

Fast forward three years and here I am pregnant with my 4th bundle of joy.  Sadly, Roman won’t be the baby anymore.  However, I had to be strategic to get Roman ready for his new role as big brother.  Three is a tough age, and if you ask me, the terrible two’s were clearly wrongly named because it’s all about surviving the Tasmanian three’s.

Preschool still hasn’t started for my sweet Roman so I have been taking him with me to my prenatal check ups.  Luckily for me, my doctor has embraced Roman being there.  So much so, that she makes it a completely hands on experience for him.  What this doctor did unbenounced to her is prepare him to welcome his little brother.

It started out with Roman waiting patiently to hear the babies heart in the waiting room.


To Roman taking my blood pressure.



Then the doctor happily let him help her during the ultrasound.  He loved squeezing the warm jelly on mamas belly.  She carefully allowed him to be part of the prenatal check up.




It was the first time I was actually seeing the real “Dr. Roman Walker” in action and so serious about seeing his baby brother on the screen.  He couldn’t believe the baby was on the monitor.  For me, this was the sweetest thing ever.


He was so excited about playing doctor with mommy’s doctor that when daddy walked in the door, he was screaming with excitement.  We decided to get Roman his very own scrubs so he can continue to pretend to be the baby’s doctor.  Its been such a hit for him and for us.  He really is embracing being a soon-to-be big brother a little more each day.


Yesterday was a big prenatal appointment with a lot of stuff scheduled and Roman couldn’t wait to show off his scrubs.  He was such a hit with all the doctors and nurses working.  Everyone stopped to see him, took his photo and asked him if he was doing his residency with them.  It was the cutest thing.  He finally got his chance to show off his scrubs and tell everyone he was his baby brothers doctor.  This experience really was one to remember.













I decided that when there are multiple siblings you need to have a plan.  Life as we know it is about to change and for us our party of five is expanding to six.  So I have been doing a little planning…

Before the Birth:

  • Prepare a little photo album of your child when he/she was a baby so they feel special
  • Take them all to a baby store to buy the baby something soft and special

The Birth:

  • When the kids come up to the hospital, I want to make sure we have no visitors and the kids could meet their baby brother and all get a turn to hold him.
  • This week I am buying each of my children a gift from the baby.  I did that with each of them and it works like a charm.
  • I also like to have the baby in the nursery when my kids come in so I could have a few moments alone with them.
  • I also think its important fr the kids to be there when we are leaving the hospital.  That way we leave as a family.

Party Of Six:

  • My three-year old son will have to adjust to me breast-feeding so I will announce when mommy needs ten minutes with the baby and when Roman needs me I will tell the baby mommy needs time with Roman.  That way he understands it works both ways.
  • I am hoping to also let my older two feed the baby and help walk him.
  • I have to remember that my kids are all at different stages and will all need me.  Sometimes the baby will have to wait for me and that ok.

I would love to hear from you!  Have you done something special that works with older sibling when you brought a new baby home?  I would love to hear from you.









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2 thoughts on “When You’re No Longer The Baby”

  1. Ohhhhh my Romeo!!! What a champion big bro– I tell ya (but then I know he got spoiled having Jackson help show him how it’s done;) So When our second, Brady came along- we let Talan pick out his first soft plush toy (which he still grabs to this day! He knows that it’s special;) And when Brady was delivered Talan helped feed him, and even ‘coached’ his nursing. He’s a pro! They are siblings who definitely know their fair share of rivalry but they are also bonded like two peas in the pod. Mommy loves to see their special relationship that was forged straight from the beginning…


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