I live in a community where it is very family driven and when something exciting happens, word travels fast.  I heard about Sid Shapira, a new children’s author from one of the teachers at my school.  She told me he had visited her class with his new children’s book, Danny Dog, which is about a rescue dog finding his forever home.  I was so excited that this author lived so close to me that I decided to reach out.

The author, Sid Shapira was so kind and so elated to spread the word about rescue pets and second chances, that he had my full attention.  This book was truly written with the idea of raising awareness to the thousands of incredible pets like Danny that need homes.  He gave our family an autographed copy of the book and he allowed my children to spend some time with Danny.   My children were so thrilled at the chance to play and run around with him.  Danny too was equally roused at the experience.



This book takes you through Danny’s heartwarming journey.  He was a lost dog that eventually ended up at a rescue shelter.  Unfortunately for him, it didn’t work out with the first family due to another pet not wanting to share his home.  Danny sadly ended up right back at the shelter.  That is when the author teaches the readers about the profound lesson of second chances.  This little dog endured dashed hopes and disappointment before finally finding his forever home.



This story has been such a hit that in January, Danny Dog was named RedRover Reader’s, “Recommended Books with Humane Themes.”  This program helps children explore positive relationships between people and animals through stories and discussion.  According to RedRover, “Danny Dog is a positive story geared towards children ages 4-8.”


Danny Dog has also earned the 2015 Family Choice Award, which recognizes the finest books/products that enrich the lifestyle of children and families. This award is one of the most coveted, family friendly consumer award programs in the nation.   Such awe-inspiring accomplishments for this heartwarming story.

Sid Shapira has had book signings all over the county – at schools, libraries, pet stores and pet organizations. In November, he had a book signing in Seattle at the headquarters of Emerald City Pet Rescue, the organization that rescued Danny. Earlier this month, he had a signing at Warwick’s in La Jolla, the nation’s oldest family owned and operated bookstore. This has been very successful for spreading the word about Danny’s journey and the need to rescue pets.








If you are interested in having author, Sid Shapira speak at your school or organization, you can reach out to him through his website.

To make this sweet story part of your reading collection you can buy it here, Purchase Danny Dog.  A bonus? A portion of the profit from this book will be donated to animal and human welfare organizations to help these nonprofits continue their dedicated and tireless work in the communities they serve. Sounds like a Win-Win to me.

Also, here is the link to Danny’s facebook page so you too can stay in touch via social media.  I noticed some really cute pictures of Danny on his social media accounts.

I would love to hear from you.  Comment below and share this story on your facebook page to be entered in the raffle for a chance at an autographed copy of Danny Dog.  We will announce the winner this Friday.  I hope you enjoy this sweet story for years to come and I hope it sparks conversations with your little ones about the importance of rescue pets.



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6 thoughts on “The Story of Danny The Rescue Dog”

  1. How exciting! My sister volunteered with the animal shelter here and helped start up a group that does adoption fairs for the animals.

  2. Showed the kids this post and wr discussed how important it is to adopt furry family members! We love our rescue pup!


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