Get Your Mompreneurship Started!

Get Your Mompreneurship Started!

The American Dream

Alli Webb never pin pointed what she wanted her career to be growing up so can you imagine that she’s now the Co-Founder of DryBar; a multi million dollar company that we all know and love!? She is also an entrepreneur and an author credited on the New York Times Best Sellers List. Little did she know that working in PR firms and the fashion world prior to her success, that she would one day run a beauty empire. She is what I like to call: The American Dream.

New York and Finding a Passion

Her love for New York led her to her new-found home. She had attempted college but knew that it wasn’t for her, so she packed her bags and moved to the Big Apple to pursue fashion. She worked for names like Cynthia Rowley and Nicole Miller. However, at 21 she realized fashion really was not for her and that’s when everything finally started to unfold. Beauty school was the next stop on the train despite the lack of support from her parents. There would still however be many obstacles and jobs in between before reaching the final goal that is DryBar today.

A Budding Business

Alli talks business and how to really start from the ground up (she was doing blowouts for friends and family for 40 dollars in their homes!), from how to achieve funding and gauging reactions from people around you when discussing plausible business ideas. Take a moment to think how you can get to the next level. Brainstorm what you’re good at as well as surrounding yourself with people who know the information you don’t know. Converse with people and prepare yourself financially when starting a business; a nest egg so to speak. You’ll have to tune in to hear all the fascinating ins and outs!

Daily Balance

Balancing a business and busy mom lifestyle is a task like no other. Alli’s strategy has been prioritizing highest to lowest importance from that specific day and the month over all. She mentions that she has been saying no to quite a bit this year to have more time to enjoy life and having kept people important to her close to keep the sanity. There really is “no such thing as balance” she says, and I couldn’t agree more. Some days are just better than others and with some of them, it really is hard to just catch that break.

New Endeavors

As for the business mogul now, Alli has a book out called, “The Drybar Guide to Good Hair for All: How to Get the Perfect Blowout at Home” and if you struggle with a good blow dry like I do, it’s a recommended DIY read. She’s also whipping up a new business idea called Squeeze that we have to look forward to. So, if you’re looking to stay up to date with her and all she has to offer click here to follow her Instagram!

@drybar + @squeeze on Instagram

To check out Alli’s book click here!


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