Some people want to see The Seven Wonders of the World, for me, there is nothing better than seeing the innocence of a child. They carry almost no piques of setbacks and I wish this short-lived time could go on and on.  With photography it certainly can.  I can capture memories and be able to archive the image instead of relying on my memories.  I can go back and look, remember and relive these moments thanks to my passion as a photographer.

Once a week I will share a photo. I have done a stellar job of archiving my life since the early age of 12 through the realm of photography.  There are a plethora of images to choose from, but today I choose these two. There is something so cute, so innocent, of my little ones with their pants falling down. I am happy I captured my daughter at two-years-old with her brother Jackson in the moment of such serious laughter, and my youngest Roman was recently in a similar situation with another photographer. These images remind me of what really matters in this world.  They are an incredible reminder to not fret the silly things.  May your weekend be filled will this much laughter and may you share your company with those that love life the same way.

Photo by Kate Moore




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4 thoughts on “Photo Friday: Innocence”

  1. I agree with you 100%. Sweating over the little things serves no purpose. Love that our children keep us in the moment. It is those moments that matter!

  2. I love your pictures. I adore your children. I too find the innocence of a child to be a glimpse at the beauty of Heaven. I love this time of year so very much for so many reasons, but I must admit, watching and listening to the children’s excitement and their ability to believe the magic of the season, truly makes it extra special. I miss you terribly!!!!

    • I miss you too my long long sista-friend renee…. excited to see pics of the magic in their eyes when they realize santa visited and left a lot of great stuff…


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