JI6A6098When I turned 17, I couldn’t wait to buy my first car. I wanted a Jeep Wrangler as a kid, and I remember saving and begging my grandmother to co-sign the loan. Having a ride that allows you sit high up really set the stage for my future cars or shall I say SUV’s.

We are not in New York City anymore, and having a superb vehicle on the California coastline is a must. My metro card is tucked away in a memory box and I often question why they didn’t design a transit system here in southern California just like New York’s.

When I was pregnant to my third, I gave in and got a minivan. A lot of my friends love the minivan. I like to call it my not-so-hot minivan. For me, the only thing I loved was the automated doors. I hated being low and when any SUV pulled up next to me, it reminded me of where I used to be. My minivan wasn’t a smooth ride by any means. It also was extremely expensive. It just wasn’t for me. Sadly, I was stuck in it for four years. This past Christmas, Santa listened to my wish list. My minivan wouldn’t start and we were able to trade it in for what I really wanted, a 2016 Chevy Suburban. Merry Christmas to me!!!!IMG_9626 FullSizeRender

Before the kids, I drove a Chevy Tahoe LTZ for many years and I have to say, it was my absolute favorite SUV. Now that we are a family of six with two dogs, we needed our vehicle to be big enough for all of us, without sacrificing on comfort, or safety. I wanted my Suburban to have all the bells and whistles, and then some, like my Tahoe did. So, we looked around at some Chevy Dealers, and I found what I wanted and needed in once again, the LTZ.

I chose bucket seats over the bench seat in the second row due to my kids having to climb to the third row or moving the seat to get back there. I wanted it to be easy in and out, and for our family the bucket seats were the way to go. Our vehicle has to be large enough to fit four car seats in it. I was thinking of returning to the Tahoe, but the trunk space in the suburban works with all the boys sports equipment. You can read about the recommended car seat for children here. The Chevy Tahoe/Suburban gives each child ample room and the kids in the third row can easily exit through the second row by walking between the bucket seats. JI6A5821 JI6A6067 JI6A6055 JI6A6074

The 2016 Suburban has so many features that work for my big family. I am loving the Apple Car Play where my phone directly connects to the car. I can talk to Siri by just talking. The console is so advanced with a plethora of features. It even has a secret compartment where you can lock your valuables behind the radio with a USB cord. There is also has a cell phone charging station where all you have to do is put your phone down and it charges. This feature is currently only for an Android phone, however, it will be iPhone compatible later 1st quarter.

The features don’t end there. With having four kids and like most parents, safety is on top on my list when purchasing a vehicle. The 2016 Chevy Suburban has a driver assistance advanced technology that helps avoid collisions. If you approach a vehicle to fast , an alert flashes on your windshield alerting you, which gives you a chance to hit your breaks. There is also a lane departure warning where my seat vibrates and my side mirrors light up. I absolutely love how safe I feel driving what I like to call, my boat on the road. These features are so important for me as a mom. If these systems can prevent an accident, it truly is enough for me.

OnStar is another feature I love. With a click of a button, you can have roadside assistance help you. You can access everything through an app right on your phone. If you lock yourself out of your car you can call OnStar and they can open your vehicle. You can also access this feature with your phone. This is a really nice safety measure for me although I do still have some roadside assistance that I bought alongside my car insurance.

JI6A6084 JI6A6086 JI6A6190 JI6A6170

There is more space in the Suburban over the minivan for sure. I needed an SUV that can fit the groceries and could fit my two dogs for when we go to the dog beaches. I also love that I can change the baby in the back without having to bend. With my minivan I had to bend to change the baby, not any more in my Suburban.

San Diego has so many dog beaches that having a vehicle that can transport our fur babies is a must. I am so happy to be back in a Chevy. From the air-conditioned and heated seats, to the hands free Apple Car Play, this vehicle is a perfect match for my big family.

JI6A6160 JI6A6150 JI6A6051 JI6A6158

The Chevy Tahoe/Suburban is by far one of the best rides I have ever had. I couldn’t recommend it more! If you are local to San Diego I suggest you hop on over to Weseloh Chevrolet in Carlsbad Car Country and test drive a Suburban today. Their customer service is top-notch that I was given a mini Suburban class teaching me everything I needed to know about my new SUV. Ask for Curtis Cheely and don’t forget to mention CityGirlGoneMom referred you! Thank you Weseloh Chevrolet for getting my family into the perfect SUV. I would love to hear from you! What are you driving and do you love it?

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  1. Well, after reading this I want a suburban!!!! I love my car, but it lacks trunk space….sounds like yours has plenty! Drive safe on those California roads!!! As you always say….you’ve got precious cargo in there!!! ?


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