You always hear that adage that if you do what you love, you’ll never work a day in your life. I believe that to be true. But I also believe it can be tricky to find a balance when you pursue your passion. Brody found dance naturally (with a little help from his big sister!), and as he gets older, it’s becoming a career path more and more. As he continues to grow in dance, it’s been so beautiful to see it turn into a passion not only for fun but “work,” too!

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Creating a Balance

It’s weird to think my littlest one is already a working man! Brody has received some truly incredible opportunities through dance, and it’s so cool to think it’s just getting started. Being in the industry has taught him such valuable lessons on professionalism, responsibility, and drive. Entertainment is a tough world, but Brody thrives because his love for dance just shines through.

Learning from top choreographers, meeting professional dancers, taking part in fun entertainment projects—I’m so proud of where his passion has taken him. It’s an amazing feat at any age, but especially so with someone as young as him! But at the end of the day, Brody is a kid first, and it’s incredibly important to me that we’re grounded in that. I never want his passion for dance to dwindle because it turns into a job he hates. We have check-ins, we’re selective about what projects he does, and we make sure fun comes first.

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Always Growing

I think the key to preserving your passion is always continuing to learn. Just as I saw it with Dylan, I see Brody motivated by learning and growing in dance. No matter if he makes a mistake or nails a routine perfectly, there’s a sincere drive to learn from others and keep growing as a dancer and individual. That’s how he really develops his craft—figuring out what he loves to do and going after it with a firm focus.

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boy doing the splits boy dancing in the street

Strength to Be Himself

Above all else, you have to nourish your passion. Remind yourself what you get out of it and what made you love it in the first place! Dance gives Brody the strength to be himself. No questions asked, no ifs, ands, or buts. Whether he’s on stage or back at home with us, practicing spins in the kitchen, dance is what unlocks his full potential. If he has a hard day, I know he can turn to dance as an outlet and a safe space to fully embrace everything that makes him shine. I want him to be able to always hold that close. A career is one thing, but it’s nothing without passion!

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