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There are so many things to love about the holiday season.  Christmas music. Ice skating with the family. The smell of Christmas trees. The anticipation of Santa’s arrival. I could go on and on, but there is one thing I treasure during the holiday season and its opening all of the holiday cards that come in the mail.  I can always count on the month of December to bring me up to speed on how my friends and family are doing, and to remind me just how quickly the little ones grow. As for my fellow moms and dads (if they’re pictured), it’s always nice to see the look of happiness on their faces, relieved they made it through another year, and another holiday photo session. And I love how the kids have such a fire in their eyes, ready to blaze through the world as they view it, one big open playground. Or, perhaps they’ve just been bribed to get that million dollar smile? Either way, I’m a sucker for holiday cards, and wanted to share my thoughts with you!

In this day in age, we tend to get fewer cards in the mail than several years back.  It could be that many of our friends now have proud families to boast, and so (in addition to good ‘ol social media) the holiday card is the perfect avenue for that annual photo opp. Come December, I simply enjoy the anticipation of what lies inside the envelope; from the variety of paper stock to the colorful designs, adorable images, and treasured messages from those you love.

You can tell a lot about a person from their holiday card. Thanksgiving hasn’t even arrived yet, I’ve already received three Christmas cards. Those, my friends, are the planners in my life. And if I may brag for a bit, I’m thrilled to say that mine are also sealed and ready to go thanks to Minted.  The bigger my family gets, the earlier I need to plan to prepare for the perfect holiday card.  As a multi-directional, multitasking mom in what seems like such a harried world, I have a need to do it early, and be done with it. Now, for those of you who haven’t yet thought about your card, here’s a few reasons why you should get to it – and (side note) read on and learn that today, there’s actually a perk for your procrastination:

  1.  Arranging photos takes time.  If you have an image of the kids, great, USE IT… But if you don’t, you should  either snap some images yourself, or call a photographer for a mini holiday session.
  2. Designing the card also takes time!  But with Minted‘s preview tool, you can see 100’s at a glance, making the selection process that much easier.
  3. People move and new friends come into your life, and during the month of December, the last thing you want to do is confirm your address book – do that now!
  4. Addressing the cards, sealing and stamping can be tedious.  Another thing you don’t have extra time to do in the busy month of December.
  5. If you need a little pat on your back, doing your Christmas card now will surely get you kudos with other parents. “Supermom,” “I don’t know how you do it…”. We all love to pretend at times we have it together.

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Minted is a design marketplace of independent artists from around the globe.  It has been my go-to for designing not just my holiday cards, but my thank you cards, announcements and invitations for the past nine years.  They truly have all the trimmings needed with the busy parent in mind.  Their FREE concierge address book service has taken the stress out of staying organized with all the moves, and changes needed to stay up to date.  I was able to send in my addresses in any format, from envelopes to lists, and Minted was able to build out my own personalized Minted Address Book.  Every year, I can take a peek and make the changes as needed.

Among this year’s top trends are real foil-pressed holiday cards in gold, silver and rose gold, as well as photo letterpress holiday cards featuring the luxurious look and feel of letterpress paired with unique inks and vibrant colors.  Minted is known for its high-quality paper and printing.  A perk? They always highlight their artists by including a mini biography for you to read as soon as you open the box. Another thing I appreciate is their option for 100% recycled paper, which ultimately lessons their carbon footprint on the planet.  Another score for Mother Earth! Minted also offers a variety of backer options allow you to add additional photos, text, and customization options to your holiday card.

Minted has found its way into our most personal celebrations including our way-too-familiar, “we MOVED again” card! By using the finest paper stock, with rich inks and top-of-the-line printing methods, it’s no secret that they obsess over quality, and that, my friends, is why we are repeat customers year after year.

How To Display Your Christmas Card

After Thanksgiving, we love to take all of our Christmas decorations out.  In one of my ten plus boxes you can find over six years of Christmas cards for us to look at. I could never throw out the countless adorable Christmas cards that come in the mail. After all, I know what went into getting that perfect card. Last year, I finally found the ultimate Christmas card solution that doesn’t take up any space. All you need is a hole puncher and a box of large rings. The rings can be purchased here, and voila! No more hanging hundreds of cards around the house. Plus, for a trip down memory lane, my guests love to flip through it while visiting.

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I won’t dare spoil it by letting you know which image we chose for our 2016 Christmas card, but I promise I will post the image after December 1st.   My holiday card gives our coast to coast family and friends a glimpse into our lives. We live, we play hard, we love, it’s what we do in our day-to-day life.  It’s incredibly important to me to share a memento that depicts our family with those who love us. Thank you Minted for creating our family cards showing who we are year after year!

Read on for the $150.00 giveaway!

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What I love about my job:  Minted is giving one lucky CityGirlGoneMom reader $150.00 towards their Minted Holiday Card.  Enter below, and for an additional entry post a photo on Instagram of your family and hashtag it #CGGMHoliday!  Winner announced next week!  GOOD LUCK!

For 15% off all holiday cards use code HOLIDAY15 good through Monday 11/21!!!

CityGirlGoneMom Holiday Card Giveaway With MINTED


This Post Is Sponsored! Thank You For Sponsoring CityGirlGoneMom!


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  1. I love minted!!! I really love the address book and the fact that they address the cards for you!!! Makes life so much easier!!!!
    I look forward to your card every year and this year is no different!!! I miss those beautiful faces! ❌⭕️


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