It’s hard to believe ten years ago today, my sweet Jackson turned me into a mom.  He burst my heart wide open, larger than the sea and I hardly remember life without him.  He was the first to look at me with those big doe eyes and made mothering the best thing in the world.

Jackson completely changed me.  He took my hand and pulled me into an unknown future that’s been filled with choo choos, race cars, plenty of sports and a love larger than life itself.  He taught me the true meaning of a mothers love and what it means to put your child before anything else.  He happily shares my heart with his three siblings, being the best older brother anyone can ask for.  He is the first to turn double digits in our home and I will surely miss him being a little kid.  But, in a strange way I am ok with him getting older as he has set the bar so high to be better and do better for everyone else.

I am sure Jackson gets a lot from us, but I wholeheartedly know his selflessness comes from within.  Usually it takes years for children to reveal themselves, but with Jackson his spirit has been nurturing since day one.  He’s known to not only me, but others as the ultimate sweetheart.

In just ten years, he possesses qualities that can take people a lifetime to get.

  • He is the first to help someone in need.  He does not have a tolerance for bullying.  Instead, he stands up for those kids that need a little extra help.  Just today at the skate park his friend fell and he rushed over to ask if he was ok and could he help him up.
  • He’s sensitive and is not afraid to show it.  He still sleeps with his frogs, his stuffed animals he had since birth.  He is very passionate and if he is hurt, he is not afraid to cry.
  • He’s determined. His teachers rave about him telling me they never have to ask him to behave or to do work, he is so conscientious about his learning that he truly enjoys it.  He works diligently in school, tasks at home and in sports.
  • He’s not afraid to try new things.  He willingly loves to try any new sport or read a new book or just get a new experience.  Now if he could only be that way with food… hmmm
  • He’s appreciative.  I find this quality to be amazing at ten.  He understands that his parents come from humble beginnings and he appreciates how fortunate we are.  We talk about how we didn’t have anything that he does.
  • He gets up when he falls.  He is learning that its ok to not pass every test, win every game, but giving your best is all you can do.  He knows to get up and keep going no matter what obstacle lies ahead.

Happy Birthday to my first-born!  I longed for him my entire life and he made me who I am today and for that my heart is full.  Thank you Jackson for showing us what it means to be loving, capable, well-mannered and kind. Thank you for teaching us as family how to cultivate gratitude.  The world is definitely a better place with you in it and I hope you let me hold your hand for a little bit longer.  I am so honored to be your mom.  You truly are an inspiration!

Happy Double Digits My Love!

I would love to hear from you, comment below!  How did you feel when your baby turned ten!

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6 thoughts on “Happy Double Digits”

  1. What a beautiful post! I am so grateful to have Jackson in my class. He sets such an example for all his classmates and I’m happy he and Connor are friends!

  2. What a beautiful tribute D!! Well no double digits over here yet– Talan will turn 10 in February and I’m so so so thankful each and everyday that he chose me to make new again. Also an incredible Big Bro and the first to say ‘Thank you’; Brady is my little bruiser and I’m head over heels in inexhaustible love with him too, but there’s just something so special about your firstborn. They give you the ‘keys to the kingdom’ and then the subsequent siblings/munchkins get the spoils after. We are so lucky and blessed to have our boys;-)


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