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Friday Faves

I don’t know about you, but this has been quite the week and I am so elated the weekend is here.  I am ready for some quality family time with the people who matter the most.  Sometimes big-family schedules can be exhausting and I am done being married to my no-so-hot-minivan.  I am anticipating running into the ocean with my kids and daddy taking them out to surf.  It will be 80 plus degrees in Southern California and we are taking advantage of this warm winter.  Wherever it is you are, I hope you enjoy the ones you love and Monday doesn’t come too soon for you.

My first dream board is ALL Anna Beck!  What’s not to tell.  Anna Beck is a contemporary jewelry collection that uses an ancient Balinese technique that makes each piece so unique. Anna Beck’s designer, Becky Hosmer resides in Bali where she continues to be inspired for fabulous designs. Anna Beck came to life in 2003 and can be seen in high-end stores around our country.   I first saw her Collection at Blue Hand Home in Wilmington, NC and became instantly obsessed.  Her Bali style jewelry that are hand-made would make any woman embrace her inner goddess.   Enjoy these pieces from some of her latest collections.

Anna Beck


Anna Beck ring

Anna Beck ring

Anna beck jewelry

This week I cut my little boys hair and gave them a more Ryan Gosling modern little-man look.  They look adorable to say the least, but it inspired me to find some modern threads for their wardrobes.  I found such an adorable baby collection at Urban Baby Runway that I had to share it with you guys.  They also have some really cute pieces on sale, so be sure to check it out.

 urban baby runway


Nununu Plus Penguin Shirt

Nununu Star Baggy Pants

Mini Maximus Arrows Hoodie

Nununu Plus Skirt

Nununu Plus Leggings

Anyone that knows me, knows Turquoise is my favorite color and I have pops of it throughout my home.  This dream board is so inspiring to me.  We rare buying our first home this year and designing it is one of my favorite things to do.  Enjoy!


Corded pendant light
$205 –

Canvas linen tea towel

Raynaud turquoise salad plate

Bloomingville ceramic tray
$32 –

Canvas white stoneware

Canvas handmade mug

Canvas blue stoneware

Seagate white dinnerware

Canvas kitchen gadgets tool

Sabre stainless tableware
$10 –

Sabre casual flatware
$9.40 –

If you want to know how to rock suede booties the next few boards show you the way.  I love the simplicity of these few looks, but yet they look so cool and trendy.  Pick up a pair for your festival style or your everyday wardrobe.  These fashion forward looks are bound to get you inspired!!!!!
Have a great weekend my friends!
Untitled #2472


Open sweater + booties


Two Colors!


Tricky Trend: Faux Fur Vest


Topshop top

Fake fur vest

RED Valentino grey skirt
$175 –


woman holding bikini keepsake

Creating a DIY Keepsake of Your Child’s First Bikini

smiling toddler

The Pros and Cons of Child Modeling

beautiful bedroom

How to Spring Clean Like Marie Kondo


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  1. Obsessed with Anna Beck and ALL of the pieces on your dream board.

    Your shoot at the Grand del mar…. so grand! You ladies are so gorgeous 🙂 Missing the amazing gypsy lew and gypsy posh!

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