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Lets face it, there is great deal of grooming when it comes to your children.  For me, it’s 30 fingers and 30 toes, 3 hair cuts, and one that needs a daily style.  When your kids are whining and fussing through any of these necessities, it makes the task at hand quite challenging.

I have been cutting my kid’s hair since birth.  Jackson 8, Dylan 6 and Roman is now 3!  I am officially throwing in the towel and leaving this task to the experts.  I can do a lot of things and I am in quite shock that I have been cutting their hair this long, however, it’s hard for them to sit still and I am looking forward to passing this on to the professionals.

I stumbled upon Bambino’s when I moved back to San Diego.  It’s located in the heart of Carmel Valley in San Diego and their services are perfect for any parent looking for their kids to conquer the world in style.


Sometimes when you have a large family it’s hard to make all of the kids happy when they are all different ages, but this salon thought of it all.  They have a special children’s area where the kids could play dolls, trucks and so much more.  And when your toddlers attention span is short-lived, have no fear because each hair dresser has an arsenal of fun items to distract the little ones.  The minute Roman sounded like he was about to fuss, our stylist and owner of the salon, Erika had a small box right next to her station that had an array of figurines for Roman to play with.  This made big-boy hair cut go so much smoother.




They had a play station for my oldest Jackson and he was over the moon about that.  He didn’t even care about getting his hair cut because he was engulfed with his game!  Of course with all of the kids getting trim that day, one of them was bound to say, “I am hungry.”  Fortunately for me the Oggi’s Pizza, in the same shopping center happily delivered a children’s size pizza for my hungry little ones..  Such the bonus when your snack bag is depleted of its goods.


Roman too loved all the new-found toys and games at Bambinos.  He particularly loved all of the cars he could choose from to get his big-boy hair cut in.  He chose the fire truck and loved ringing the bell.


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My daughter had the opportunity to watch any princess movie of her choice.  I love how her stylist asked her what color glitter would she like and what kind of braid.  She chose blue and a heart braid.  I told our stylist how awful I was at braids and she told me they had mommy and me braid classes.  This may be silly, but I am so ecstatic.  I think I am the only mom that does not know how to do a french braid.  Can’t wait to change that!






Bambinos has it all, from our solar system on the roof when your kid is getting a shampoo, to an assortment of fun toys, video games & movies.  This salon also has the latest and greatest hair supplies.  I did notice a section dedicated to prevent lice.  If you unfortunately experience that, Bambinos has a service that can come to your home.  Always good to know.





With my daughter’s birthday approaching in April, I was thinking about grabbing a few of her friends from school and having a girls day at Bambinos.  They have so many party options.  I particularly like the Platinum Party where you could invite up to 8 girls and get runway hair, manicures, glitter tattoos, fashion makeup and more.

If you are local to San Diego and mention “CITYGIRLGONEMOM” at check out, you can save $3.00 on your next hair cut.  This code is good till April 15th, 2015!  I hope you enjoy your experience at Bambinos as much as we did.



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  1. This place sounds incredible!!! See if they can open one here! The kids look so adorable!!! I had no idea you were cutting their hair all the years. I’m impressed!


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