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Recently, I’ve had many “Teach Me Your Ways” requests from fellow boss moms. OF COURSE! I am ready to share my favorite mom secrets with you. Whether they are life hacks, lessons learned, or awesome products that keep me motivated, moving, and sometimes sane, I am here to help you too feel like the rock star mom we all aspire to be. That’s the dream, right? To rock every facet of mommyhood, and to look and feel good doing it!

We’ve all heard the benefits of a high-fiber diet: lowered cholesterol, controlled blood sugar levels, reduced risk for strokes, regularity, and even weight management. The best sources of fiber are from beans, whole grains, nuts, and raspberries, but let’s face it—busy moms don’t always make these food choices a priority. Truth be told, I’ve been known to eat the remnants of my kids’ turkey sandwiches and countless French fries from their plates (and moms, I know you’re guilty of it too!)

Say hello to Metamucil! Life hack. Awesome product. Tried, tested, and approved during my recent Metamucil 2-week challenge (which you can still sign up for.) Each serving offers 2.4 grams of soluble fiber, and you can take up to three servings a day. That’s 7.2 grams of fiber! Mixing it into a drink is a lot easier than preparing a high-fiber meal. You could even use some fiber supps instead! So when your kids’ leftover turkey sandwich is the only option, no sweat! You can easily supplement with a single pack on the go.

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Supplement #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Metamucil Drink with My Kid #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Drinking Metamucil Supplement with My Kid #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

For the busy mom who practically lives out of her car, here are some tips to get your fiber in, no matter how jam-packed your schedule might be.

Kids Sports

Whether you’ve got nine innings to kill in the sun, or hours to spend sitting on the sidelines, you can be certain that hummus and pita bread are not on the ballpark menu. All you need to do is just pour a Metamucil Sugar Free Orange Fiber Single into your ice cold water, and enjoy!

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - My Supplement #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Watching my Kids #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

Backstage at Dance Practice

There’s no time for snacking when mommy-turned-stylist has a job to do. From packing the car with all her dance gear to costume changes and quick hair fixes between numbers, I’m lucky if I remember to breathe. Keeping a couple single packs in my purse has saved me, and it only takes a second to mix the Metamucil into my drink.5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - On the Go Fiber #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

During a Workout

For sanity and centering, I squeeze in a hot yoga session or head to the gym at least a couple times a week. It’s easy to prep that water bottle for your next workout by filling it with Metamucil. It’s genius to get your hydration and fiber fix at the same time!

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Metamucil during Workouts #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - My Supplement while Walking #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

Walking Fido

Enjoying an afternoon snack while you’re walking your dog can make life a little sweeter! Try adding in a serving of Metamucil next time and your body will thank you. I know mine sure has!

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Time for Fido's Walk #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Metamucil while Walking Fido #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Taking a Rest #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Metamucil on the Go with Kids and Fido #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego

Happy Hour

Busy days don’t always involve kids’ activities. Friends and husbands need us, too! For a late afternoon or early evening refresher, raise a glass and enjoy a tropical juice spritzer with a spoonful of Metamucil powder. Fiber has never tasted so fun.

5 Ways To Fiber On The Go - Metamucil can do wonders #citygirlgonemom #metamucil #fiber #fiberonthego Moral of my first “Teach Me Your Ways” story? Consistency is key, and Metamucil can do wonders. The trick is to keep a couple singles packets in your car or purse and mix it in your water bottle. Get your fluid and fiber intake no matter where you are! With each foot moving forward on this unpaved road they call “motherhood,” it’s important to take care of your digestive health so you too can relish in all the in-between. I encourage you to give Metamucil a try- and what better way than signing up for the Two-Week Challenge I took part in two weeks ago?!

This Post Is Sponsored By My Brand Partner Metamucil. As Always, All Opinions Are My Own. Thank You For Supporting CityGirlGoneMom.



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  1. Okay, first… I love your polka dot dress! Secondly, I agree completely that it’s hard to get in all the fiber that you need when we’re so busy. Used to take Metamucil every day and it worked wonders for me. I need to get back in the habit of taking it again.

  2. As a busy mom, I struggle with things like this! I need to give Metamucil a try! I love your pics, how fun!

  3. Sometimes there are just not enough hours in the day to plan out meals. This looks like it would be a great way to make sure that you are getting the fiber that you need!

  4. I used to totally think that Metamucil was for older generations because I remember my grandparents using it at breakfast time when I would stay with them. This is so not the case because anyone can benefit from the extra fiber it provides.

  5. This is such an easy and simple way to make sure that at least this part of your diet is taken care of. As a busy mama I don’t always have the time to sit down to something that is rich in fiber, so this is perfect!


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