DIY design is my love language. Give me a room or space in desperate need of a refresh and I’ll go gaga over the endless possibilities. In fact, sometimes it seems I’m just looking for nooks in my home to upgrade. The latest was my kitchen shelves. Overlooked and overused, it was time to add my design thumb to the space!

The Heart of Our Home

Like most households, our kitchen is one of the most popular spaces in our home. Beyond cooking up a meal, it’s where we gather, connect, and reconnect throughout our days. I want the space to feel clean and bright, but also reflect the warm and inviting aspect of what our kitchen really means to us. It may sound silly, but sometimes subtle touches like switching up our shelves is the key to defining a space.

empty kitchen shelves

The Vision

What we had currently was fine. They’d been my go-to for a long time and were great for a while, but I’ve been itching to get a much brighter feel for the space. We get so much great lighting in the kitchen that the shelves always felt a bit too dark. I was looking for a thicker, more natural look with a lighter wood finish. I ended up going with douglas fir in 12×4 pieces. They’re thick, look sturdier, and have that super gorgeous natural movement and shape to them. To finish, we stained them with fruitwood 241. I’m so in love!

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colorful accents in kitchen

How It’s Styled

Of course, new shelves called for new decor and kitchenware to fit it! I found a lot of gems at Anthropologie to soup up the space. With an earth-tone color like this, I thought bringing in some brighter pops of oranges, blues, and greens was a nice addition! I styled them with these cute snack and cereal bowls, a taller pitcher for height variety, and a couple of accent vases. I also placed a metal greenhouse and our copper mugs up there for a pop of metallic—these are a must for cocktails. Plus, green is always a great touch—grab a plant that trails like pothos or ivy to pot and have hanging off the side. So cute.

I hope this serves as inspiration for whatever DIY project you have in mind for your home. I’m already plotting what space is next!

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funny cleaning quote decorated kitchen shelves


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