There’s truly no place like home for the holidays. And at the Schaffer household, we (well, I) take holiday decorating to extreme levels. Each and every year I’m counting down the days so that I can channel my inner interior decorator and transform my home into a cozy, classy winter wonderland. Yes, the countdown gets shorter every year because who doesn’t love a little Christmas decor with their Thanksgiving pie?! I am one of those people. I just love the magic that’s in the air, and in our homes, during the holiday season.

For me, all of this starts at the entryway. From the moment you walk up the pathway and step foot into my home, I aim to impress. If you follow me on Instagram, you know I change my entryway for every season and holiday, but keep reading to discover my tried and true tips for how to decorate the entryway each year for Christmas.

Nearly six million dollars are spent during the holiday season on ugly Christmas sweaters.

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Pick A Theme

This is always my top tip no matter what holiday or what you’re decorating for. Find a theme you love and stick with it! The easiest mistake to make when decorating is having too many ideas. Narrow it down to color schemes, patterns, or textures you like, and go from there. I’m all about green and white, rustic vibes, and a dash of holiday sparkle.

Once you’ve found yours, pick and choose items that give that feel in a balanced way. Then when you begin to decorate your entryway for the holidays, you’ll be able to stay on theme.

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Today, wassail is hot apple cider with honey and spices, but the drink came from the Middle Ages when it was originally made with wine, ale, or hard cider topped with stale bread or beaten eggs. Neighbors would visit on Christmas Eve and drink to each other’s health.

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Go With the Greens

ICYMI: I have a thing for fresh greenery in the home. But it can be hard to make every garland in your home live. So my favorite place to grab some faux holiday greens is Arhaus, which has so many varieties to choose from. I couldn’t live without a few garlands and a gorgeous wreath, so I incorporate those into the entryway decorations by hanging the wreath on the front door or wrapping a garland around my favorite Arhaus mirror. I then go back and add a few gold, clear, and silver ornaments into the garland or trees to give it an extra sparkly effect. 

Clement Moore’s poem “Twas the Night Before Christmas” introduced Santa’s eight reindeer named Dasher, Dancer, Prancer, Vixen, Comet, and Cupid, plus Duner and Blixem. (German words for thunder and lightning which later evolved into Donner and Blitzen.)

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Ornaments for the Win

Seriously, is there anything ornaments can’t do? They are my secret weapon when it comes to creating a traditional yet elegant ambiance in your home. I love a rustic but classic look and Arhaus has the perfect pieces to make it happen.

A few of their ornaments through my garlands or on my twinkling branches make everything feel elevated. The results are a rustic look that feels totally elegant and streamlined.

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The Christkindlesmarkt in Nuremberg, Germany was first held in 1570. It is one of Europe’s oldest and largest Christmas markets.

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