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When I was a high school teacher in New York City, I required my students to all have a pocket calendar that had month-at-a-glance.  I wanted my students to start writing down when certain projects were due, special events and test dates.

I learned at an early age that being organized and planning your life really helps you take responsibility for doing things on time.  Planners help you simplify your busy schedules and better plan for successful living.  Erin Condren has created a life planner that could be used for just about anything.  It could be used as a nutrition/exercise log, newborn sleep & peep record, work meetings & appointments, academic & social planner, keepsake journal or scrapbook…. The possibilities are endless, but I do know that if we are able to manage our time better, we ultimately have more time for the people and experiences that are most important.  Like Erin Condren always says, “plan well and party often!”


With my two oldest being able to read and write I decided to buy these NEW 2015 Life Planners for my two kids.  You can start the calendar on the month you order, which I thought was super useful.  There are 6 styles to choose from and you can personalize them as much as you want including adding images.  I chose the quote life planners for my two kids.  If you didn’t read my post on getting Styled & Organized, check it out…  I really go into all the items I use with my family from The Erin Condren Collection.


I love how these Life Planners have monthly pop-of-color stickers for the calendars and personalized dividers too.  There is also a convenient snap in ruler, a folder to hold any important papers, and a built in ziploc pocket where you can carry pens and includes gift labels and lets get together cards.  This planner simply has it ALL!







As a fun project with my two kids I am putting important dates in their calendars and letting them decorate it.  We are keeping these special books in their baskets that carry their school work.  Jackson enjoyed putting his book report due-date in his new planner, while my daughter immediately started writing sweet notes on the decorative lined paper within this planner and loved the areas for her to draw.   This planner is the perfect way to start my kids on getting organized and being accountable.  I am getting into the habit of having them check their calendars before heading out to school so they know what’s going on for the day!

Here is a ten-dollar code for you to use on your first Erin Condren purchase:  Enjoy this video on how to use the Life Planner I just purchased for my two minis.




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