It gives me great pleasure to highlight a company where every time a TOMS product is purchased, a person in need is helped!  Blake Mycoskie, over the past several years has created a new kind of business model that screams philanthropic with a new-wave of giving.  They are more than just a shoe company, they have expanded into trendy eyewear, bags, plenty of accessories, treats for Fido, hospital scrubs and even a superb coffee line.  Did you know that TOMS has given over 35 million pairs of new shoes to children in need, which includes 70 + countries, including our own.

It doesn’t end there. If you purchase from their eyewear collection, TOMS provides a person in need with a full eye exam.  TOMS has helped restore sight to over 300 thousand people in need.  With this restored vision, people are able to live a more independent and normal life.  What’s so inspiring is Mycoskie doesn’t care to talk about the company he has built, but would prefer to talk about the movement he is building.

I was so excited when I found out he had a coffee line.    What American doesn’t savor a cup of joe.  With one purchase of TOMS Roasting Co. Coffee, a weeks supply of safe water is provided to those that need it.  TOMS has helped create sustainable water systems in seven countries, from the same regions where they actually source their coffee beans.  With The World Heath Organization recommending 20 liters of safe water per day for adequate health & hygiene, how could you not commend this company for stepping in.

Being a mother of three, this one I hold close to my heart.  With a TOMS bag purchase you are supporting delivering the vital materials and training needed to help provide a safe birth regardless of the facility.  Nearly half a million lives can be saved by providing clean birth conditions and skilled attendants.  In 2013 they launched TOMS Marketplace, a platform to help social entrepreneurs succeed.  If and when I expand CityGirlGoneMom, this is the exact platform I would want to pursue.  Who doesn’t want to improve the lives of others?  I know I certainly do.

Because this company moves me like no other company has, (trust me I am standing on my chair applauding) I am dedicating my Friday Faves to those that want to GIVE BACK.  I am highlighting some of my favorite TOMS items here on today’s post and any purchase you make will make a difference to those in need.  HAPPY SHOPPING & HAPPY HELPING! xoxo

Please note this company is helping so much more than just the few things I mentioned, like animal shelters, disadvantaged communities, scrubs for health care professionals in need and so much more.

Teal Tagua Bib Necklace


Anisa Boho Blouse


Navy Sweetgrass Hanging Basket


Black Banjo Bracelet


Booker Satin Silver Mirrors


Windward White


Woven Scarf, Hat, Glove Set


Beachmaster 201 Blonde Tortoise


Orange Arrows Fold Over Clutch


Adeline Rose Crystal


Paint Dipped Mugavu Wood Wine Holder


Silver Karsen Tiny TOMS Classics


Black Neary Midi Dress


Slate Embroidered Patch Tote


Exclusive Gold Fighting Hunger Necklace


Petal Cascade Necklace


Hatch Magnetic Wooden Car


Navy Stripe Lincoln Bow Tie


Burlap Hat


Green Colorblock Acai Necklace


Peru Coffee Single Origin


Navy Stripe Weekender


Lamu Scarf


Silver Guatemalan Wrap Watch


Bandero Necklace


Honduras Coffee Single Origin


Cherry Wood Troubadour Headphones


3 Pack Cable Knit Ankle Socks


3 Pack Men’s Alpargata Socks


Maverick 301 Yellow Gold Polarized


Tan Farrin Men’s Bimini Stitchouts


Natural Burlap Men’s Brogues


Eve Clutch


Ivory Acai Tiered Necklace


Multiprint Stripe Weekender


Guatemala Coffee Single Origin

Ivory Tagua Bib Necklace


Hammered Snake Ring


Black Everly Bag


Bonanza Bib Necklace


Hammered Brass Gladiator Ring


Bukenya Fringe Necklace


Natural Pawprints Tiny TOMs Classics


Navy Suede Women’s Desert Wedge Highs


Ash Canvas Tiny TOMS Botas


Grey Camo Tiny TOMS Vegan Classics


Saffron Ikat Traveler Duffel bag


Raw Wood Coasters


Slate Neary Midi Dress


Large Charcoal Camo Canvas Adventure Duffel Bag


TOMS Venice CA Tote


Natural Burlap Tiny TOMS Biminis


Grey Embroidered Women’s Desert Wedges

Radial Lane Shift Dress


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