A new experience comes with every new baby.  Their unique personalities can be seen from the very beginning.  Jackson, has always been wide-eyed and curious, where Roman was ready to cause havoc.  My daughter Dylan just wanted to eat, smile and sleep and our latest bundle, baby Brody, has the sweetest soul.  He reminds me a lot of Jackson, but I did things a little differently with him that I almost wish I would have done with the rest.


I never realized the benefits of nursing until my 4th baby.  It’s sad, but its true.  With my other three I nursed very little and predominately pumped and fed them with the bottle.  It was a lot of work and I lasted between 6-10 months with each of them.  I often wondered how the girls nursed that did, but I couldn’t get past the pain it was causing me so I pumped.

With baby Brody, I didn’t have any problems with him latching on.  Sure, I went through the initial few weeks of pain that every mom goes through while establishing nursing, but I stuck through it.  And when that subsided, nursing was great for not just him, but for me too.


In the chaos of life, having this skin to skin contact with my baby has been the ultimate exhale.  I feel so relaxed and anyone that knows me, knows how high-strung I am.  I never knew how beautiful nursing could be.  I feel like super mom, creating all the nutrients for my little one to thrive.  Studies have shown there are high levels of oxytocin, and I couldn’t feel more satisfied as a mother, knowing that I’m the provider of this ‘super power’ hormone, known for its important role in bonding.

Looking back, I wish I would have powered through the pain in the beginning with my other three children, now knowing that euphoric feeling that comes along with nursing. In addition, I’ve since learned about various other health benefits of nursing like a decrease in the probability for heart disease and also that it reduces the severity of your child’s lifelong reactions to stress. Yes, please! Stress free children equals less stressed parents.

Nursing also gives me a provides a moment of zen in an otherwise, sometimes hectic life. The holding, cuddling and eye-to-eye contact is a gift!  I have never in my life felt such a sense of calm as I do with baby Brody.  He needs me as much as I need him.  It took me four kids to learn this, but I am so glad I did.

One thing I find interesting is the number of people who are concerned about how long I plan to breast feed. My answer: At this moment in time I don’t have a plan, nor do I care. Don’t worry, I am not looking for a time life cover.  If it works for Brody, and it works for me, what does it matter?  I surely don’t need any study to tell me breast is best.  I now get it!



Sure, nursing with four kids on the go can be challenging, and that’s when baby wearing can come in handy.  I have been a fan of many baby carriers, but The Solly Baby Wrap wins when it comes to skin-to-skin contact.  I didn’t use a baby wrap with my other kids, and I can confidently say that this wrap keeps us as close as we feel towards each other.  Baby wearing is a must, and it helps me nurse on the go with my other littles.

Living in southern California, I see baby wearing more and more.  SoCal moms wear their babies and breast-feeding out and about seems to be the norm.  Of course it goes on everywhere, but maybe I am just aware of it now.  Or maybe its just the outdoor living with the California sunshine.  Either way, the benefits of this wrap are endless.  It’s not bulky by any means and its only one piece of soft, breathable fabric.  It’s quite simple to get on and it keeps Brody and I close, just the way we prefer to be.
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With the occasional back pain I experience (after having four children, these things happen), The Solly Baby Wrap is the perfect solution.  I feel the most comfortable with this wrap because it doesn’t tug on my shoulders or my lower back. It also helps calm baby Brody, creating the womb-like environment that he still loves.  I also love that the folks who make this wrap are lessening their carbon footprint on our planet by being eco-friendly.  Solly Baby proudly collaborates with American fabric mills, dye houses, printers and factories, providing customized superior baby wraps for moms like you and me.

I can honestly say that the emotional bond that both nursing and baby wearing gives me are as vital as the nutritional benefits.  This type of closeness can only benefit us for years to come.  I would love to hear your stories with nursing.  Comment Below!

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11 thoughts on “Creating The Ultimate Bond With My Baby”

  1. I really do miss those times with both my babies; I guess we bonded so much they really don’t need to snuggle me as much anymore??? They play harder to get these days but they still know where to get the real juicy hugs and smooches;-) Gosh, neither of my ginormous boys fit into the slightest carrier but of course if they ever did (or if I get to adopt my Babygirl;) that sling is so nice , sleek and comfy looking!! Hey, it may not be too late afterall……

  2. Enjoyed a great run with our firstborn – EBF through his 1st year and he self-weaned at 18-months. I LOVED IT. When his twin brothers were delivered via c-section they each latched on in the ER! Nursing those boys was one of the hardest things I ever did, but it guaranteed that I would hold and cuddle them individually throughout the day. (Sometimes while chasing the toddler. Oftentimes while drinking coffee, looking at my phone … But PLENTY of eye contact, I swear. LOL.) I didn’t care for tandem nursing and did so rarely. G self-weaned at eight months and Z at 11 months. A very special time in my life. I’ll never forget it.

  3. I plan to nurse my baby this time around too. I nursed for so long with my first one (and I was young, didn’t know it was a blessing) so the second time I cut it short at 4 – 5 months. This time I want to do it as long as I can. I hope I feel the same kind of bliss and bonding with my first baby boy! So do you like the solly wrap? Would you recommend that particular brand?

  4. Your description of nursing as “The ultimate exhale”, is beautiful and so eloquently stated. In each of your posts it’s evident how close you are with your children, but it’s posts like these that show just how unique each relationship is.

  5. Creating a strong bond with your baby is one of the most rewarding experiences for a parent. Thanks for sharing this blissful article 🙂


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