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I think it’s safe to say that big family parenting is a lot like riding a roller coaster. There are days when I feel nothing short of scattered and unorganized, just trying to get by without one of the kids having a meltdown. And there are other days when everything seems to go swimmingly. At the end of the day, the beautiful part is that I have these four little humans who watch with no judgement, and love their parents from the core. They give us the drive to succeed, and to be the best parents that we can be.

Maybe it’s the teacher in me, maybe it’s the mom, but almost every day I seek to find a teachable moment for my kids. And enabling my kids to unleash their creativity makes the lesson at hand much more memorable. For as long as I can remember, Honey Nut Cheerios has been a staple in my home, so when I learned that General Mills & Boxed were launching a Bring Back The Bees campaign, I couldn’t wait to be a part of it. The Honey Nuts Cheerios Bring Back the Bees Campaign is empowering families to save the world’s bees by providing free seeds that lets you turn your Boxed box into a mini garden that will attract happy bees. Genius!

Bring Back the Bees is all about saving the world’s bee population. Did you know bee populations everywhere have been declining at an alarming rate? By planting seeds in a free creativity kit, not only will you be spending quality time with your family, but you’ll be helping to bring back the bees! And as a loyal Boxed customer (click here to read why I love Boxed), I just knew that this special creativity kit for the kids was going to be a win.

Create & Educate

My kids’ education stretches far beyond their classroom. It also extends to their natural environment at home. Enabling my kids to have fun, explore and discover has always been at the forefront of my parenting strategy, and high fives for any activity that encourages my brood to think more creatively. This time, the Boxed free creativity kit transforms your Boxed box into bee saving sanctuary. Here’s how we did it:

  1. First, we talked about bees and how important they are to our world, starting with “One third of the food we consume relies on pollination mainly by bees….”
  2. Next, we turned our Boxed box into a garden to attract the bees by filling our Boxed box with soil and then making four sections for the cosmos, basil, cilantro and radishes.
  3. Then we labeled the popsicle sticks and carefully placed them in each of the four sections.
  4. Finally, the kids colored on the box, making it their own little masterpiece, and now they take turns watering it.

Why I love Boxed & You Will Too

Imagine having the convenience of bulk shopping without losing your Saturday morning at a wholesale club! Genius, right? Boxed is exactly that, and see’s the value in spending time with your family, instead of lugging them to the stores, which at times can take hours. Boxed delivery system is winning by getting everything to you in two days or less. A perk? No membership fees, FREE shipping, and with each delivery you get to choose free samples. Who doesn’t love free samples? In a nutshell, Boxed is the best way to stock up for life, with bulk sizes and wholesale pricing.

When it comes time to ordering my groceries and home goods, I can hop on the Boxed app, add everything I need to my cart, and the items arrive fast and conveniently. My kids are excited to see the packages, not for the goodies inside, but because they get to create and play! Thank you Boxed & Honey Nut Cheerios for giving me the gift to be creative with my kids. It’s convenient for Mom, beneficial for Mother Earth and completely affordable. Boxed has everything I need when I’m big-family parenting. You too can get your free creativity kit when you buy a select General Mills product here.

This Post Is Sponsored By My Brand Partner, Boxed! As Always, All opinions Are My Own! Thank You For Sponsoring CityGirlGoneMom!





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