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If you’ve been following along on my blog or social media lately, you know I have a lot of stuff that I’m trying to get clean and organized. I’ve got a full house with four kids, three dogs, and a husband, so yeah, we have a lot of things. There’s so much we use that I can’t get rid of but I still want my home to look neat and beautiful. That’s where Arhaus always comes in. They have so many pieces that work for my family, and I love my new Curiosity cabinets and Rowan media center that stores everything messy out of sight and still lets me showcase my favorite pieces.

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Everyone Needs Storage

I love storage. You kind of have to when you have a family this big. And while it’s a never-ending battle to keep my house organized, sometimes the kids’ stuff can still take over the house. Where do mom’s books go? What about my favorite throw blanket? In my Curiosity modular cabinets! I pieced together a few of their modular storage into something that would work in my space.

Now there’s a spot that’s just for me that looks beautiful and holds to my home’s farmhouse aesthetic. Plus with the glass doors, I can see everything inside.  This way I can display pieces I love and keep track of my favorite things. On my shelves, I’ve added my ceramic fruit, Umbria platter, and Freya glass hurricane.

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Find a Space for Everything

Of course, Bobby needs some space too! (We can’t forget about dad!) While I keep a bunch of books in our Rowan modular media wall unit, Bobby uses it to store his books, gadgets, and games, plus we can fit a huge TV inside which he loves! And that reeded glass subtly hides what it’s inside. Maybe it’s filled with beautiful books or a basket of nail polish. Either way, it looks good!

And with the Linnea floor mirror right beside it, it opens up the room. The mirror reflects more natural light and makes our bedroom feel like it’s twice as big and bright! Watch a tour of how great it looks in our room!

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Make It Work for Your Space

With spring around the corner, you’re probably trying to get your home organized and in order too. I feel you. It can be such a huge project. But the modular cabinets from Arhaus work in any space and make your storage look beautiful and cohesive. Plus the Arhaus’ complimentary design services can help you design your whole home or just a small corner, virtually. They’ve been a lifesaver in my home (look how great my cabinets look next to my Snugg chair and hide rug!) and made it look amazing while still being functional for me and my family.

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