Why choose between function or form? When it comes to selecting a kitchen sink for your farmhouse-inspired home, you can have the best of both worlds. Dazzling and durable, we’ve rounded up the very best farmhouse kitchen sinks to make your kitchen your favorite room in the home. From traditional looks to bold modern designs, these sinks give a typical kitchen fixture a much-needed update.

The kitchen sink is the most unhygienic place in the home, with over 100,000 times more germs than a bathroom or toilet.

farmhouse kitchen sink

Nantucket Sink

This beautiful farmhouse kitchen sink is a prime example of the classic styling and detail we love about this design aesthetic. The sink is made with a chic fireclay, which is eco-friendly and inhibits bacterial growth. Add in the bottom grid for extra functionality and it’s a total win!

stainless steel sink

Kohler Vault Top

Who doesn’t love stainless steel appliances?! This sleek beauty brings an appealing modern vibe to your farmhouse interiors, blending both styles for a totally unique look. Plus, the top-mount design makes for easy installation.

copper kitchen sink

Sinkology Copper Sink

Give us all copper everything! The Sinkology copper sink has deepened our love affair with bronze accents thanks to its eye-catching color and hammered texture on the inside and outside of the sink. Though a statement piece in its own right, it’s totally functional and gives off an effortless antique feel.

beautiful kitchen with window

Kohler Interchangeable Apron Sink

Looking to add some character to your kitchen? Look no further than this farmhouse sink with interchangeable aprons from Kohler. Change out the front insert seasonally or as the mood strikes you! It’s a charming touch to a fixture we normally don’t think twice about.

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black kitchen sink

Bocchi Black Farmhouse Sink

Steer shy of the common farmhouse path and opt for a matte black sink instead of the classic white. Made with the same durable fireclay, the black Bocchi sink is a cool and modern accent to any farmhouse-inspired kitchen.

copper kitchen sink

Barclay Double Basin Sink

Crafted with beautiful antique copper, the stunning Barclay sink is all about making bold statements thanks to its striking color and unique apron design. When it comes to designing your home, you want to find pieces that are an expression of yourself, and this piece is just that.

open concept kitchen with view

VIGO Camden Sink

For the cooks who want durability above all, the VIGO Camden sink is the farmhouse sink for you. The stainless steel sink dazzles with a chrome faucet and sound-absorb technology to keep it echo and condensation-free.

hammered steel kitchen sink

Percy Farmhouse Sink

The Percy sink gives the classic farmhouse sink a stylish update with a hand-hammered, stainless steel finish. Let this bold beauty give your cozy kitchen an extra dash of wow.

In 1810, a Frenchman called Nicholas Appert announced his great new invention: canned food. But it would be another 45 years before anyone thought to invent a can opener.

concrete kitchen sink

NativeStone Sink

Hello, gorgeous! We’re all about versatility when it comes to designing your home, and this concrete kitchen sink is exactly what we love. Made from a unique blend of cement and natural jute fiber, it’s incredibly durable and beautiful.

kitchen with backyard view

Olde London Sink

Paying homage to the classic qualities we love most about farmhouse design, this glossy sink is ideal for those on the hunt for a traditional piece in their kitchen. Fall in love with the simplistic, subtle details that make this sink a timeless addition in your home.

The average chopping board has more than 200 percent more germs than the average toilet seat.

hand painted kitchen sink

Whitehaus Hand-Painted Sink

Ooh, la la! We’re in love with this charming Whitehaus sink. Handmade from natural clay, the sink features hand-painted detailing on the apron and is made from durable fireclay for function. Antique lovers, this one’s for you!


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