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Styling With Scents At Westfield UTC

city girl gone mom and westfield utc

This Post Is Sponsored By My Brand Partner Westfield UTC, For Jo Malone London. As Always all opinions Are My Own! Thank You For Supporting CityGirlGoneMom.

I have always been the type of girl who fancied her fragrances. With a vast repertoire of poignant scents from which to choose, I never leave my home without a few sprays of what I like to call ‘uplifting elegance’. But I’ve come to learn that scents are no longer just for the body. They have taken over the home, and for good reason. The power of scent has been proven to uplift, and the world of Jo Malone London has its own modern take on a fragrance luxury experience.

When I moved into my new home in San Diego, we were fortunate enough to receive a number of housewarming gifts from friends and family, congratulating us on finally planting some roots after what seems like 17 moves with the military! One of the housewarming gifts I fell in love with was from my dear friend Angela. She got us a package of Jo Malone fragrances both for the home and for me. That, my friends, was a pivotal point in my life. Up until then, my only plan to make our house smell great was to plug it in, plug it in! citygirlgonemom and westfield utc

Jo Malone London, now located near Nordstrom at Westfield UTC, works with Master Perfumers using the highest quality ingredients to create fragrances that are stunningly simple. Their “Fragrance Combining” is a way to find your precise fit, giving a personal touch to your fragrance. While every cologne is stunning worn alone, each is designed to be combined and layered with complementary or contrasting Jo Malone London colognes and crèmes.

The Jo Malone London Fragrance Arc offers a complete and well-balanced spectrum of scents. It consists of high-quality ingredients, unexpected combinations for both men and women. What I have learned is any room, mood or occasion can be transformed when it’s styled with scent. As a person who loves to entertain and take advantage of California living, it’s a win if I can make the ambiance of my home as inviting as the fragrance on my skin. From comforting candles, to elegant diffusers and fresh and fragrant room sprays, the Jo Malone collection gives my home beautiful aromas that instantly uplift my spirit and relax my mind.

Jo Malone London celebrates British style (shouldn’t we all?!), and with its unexpected fragrances, it’s certainly become my go-to as an elegant choice for gift giving. Selecting a scent that best matches your space can be just as important as hand picking art or furniture. As much as studies suggest doing florals in the kitchen, I still opt for a more crisp smell making Wood, Sage & Sea Salt my favorite. I also prefer a Jo Malone favorite, Lime, Basil & Mandorin for my bathrooms. Let me know your favorites next time you stop in Jo Malone London now located at the Westfield UTC location.




  1. There’s so much to be said for a good smelling house! I will have to look into these scents – I’m a fragrance girl myself 🙂

  2. I’ve never been to Jo Malone, but I would love to! I’m so picky about scents, but I bet I would be able to find something here!

    1. Danielle Lucia Schaffer

      its the best you really have to see for yourself

  3. Wow, what a beautiful store! I would love to check this out some day and be able to browse through all those scents. So many to choose from!

  4. Scents are really fascinating and so much part of our lives. Whether it is for the house or for our own person, they play a vital role. Coincidentally had recently visited a perfume factory and found the entire process of making perfumes fascinating.

  5. I am allergic to strong smelling perfume so I prefer mild ones. I would love to visit this place and try the choices.

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