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A few months ago I realized I couldn’t handle having multiple business cards.  I have a few side businesses that enable me to make my own hours so I could stay home with my mini tribe.  I love all of the things I do, but I told my husband I needed a place (just one) that could link to my lamp designs, photo journalism, my passion for interior design, stories about my family and whatever it is I am doing.

Over a date night “IN” with my family of five… we discussed what I could do.  I immediately thought a blog would be best so I could tell the ‘story of us’ with fun updates and write about all of my passions.  I haven’t read many blogs, but I did attempt to do one in 2009 when I started designing lamps.  I was so new to blogging that I really didn’t understand it. I just posted random things and they are still on my lighting site.

So who came up with City Girl Gone Mom?

I wanted something that had New York in it because I am a native New Yorker.  I lived in New York City for 29 years.  It’s who I am.  Within the first few minutes of people meeting me they ask, “What part of New York are you from?”  My accent is still so strong.

Bobby felt I didn’t need to have New York City in the name as much as I needed City Girl.

I came up with West Coast NY’er.  I was so excited.   Bobby, not so much.  At the time, we were in the midst of watching five years of Breaking Bad within a two-month span so he thought something with “breaking” in the name would be cool.  Me this time, not so much.

Gone Girl just came out in the theaters, so he said, Gone Mom, Whatever name we choose we have to have Gone Mom in it because so many people have Gone… ‘Mom’.  He felt people could relate to that.  I was professing to him in my yankee tone, “but I am a New York City Girl….” The title just a had to say something about that.   And then, not me, but my Bobby says, “I have it, City…. Girl….. Gone…. Mom. That is you in a nut shell, say it out loud..  “City Girl… Gone Mom…”



Next we were playing Kings of Leon dancing in the living room like we created the coolest thing ever.  It was a great celebratory type of night for Bobby and I.  So grateful he didn’t let me choose the other names.




Now I was excited.  My husband created the name of my blog, though the title epitomizes who I am, I am thrilled to have this virtual home base.  Here is where you will learn all about our family, the latest trends in fashion (for kids and moms), great recipes, the best skin care practices, great things to do with your kids, parenting, my photography, Home-New York City, Present Home-San Diego and my 6 years in the south.  I am so excited to finally have a place, this place.

No doubt I am still new to this, but I’m truly enjoying it and I hope my flowing energy transmits to you. THANK YOU for all of the emails and comments on my posts and sharing my blog with your friends and family. I feel like I have created a little community of 10,000 plus readers and you are all contributing to the success of my blog. I love you all for that!  So thanks for taking a chance with me.


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4 thoughts on “How It All Started”

  1. Bobby was on it; city girl, gone mom is 100% you! I would love to be a guest writer anyday! I keep trying to jump back into maintaining my own blog, on to of teaching, mom-ing, r&f ing, and running, I literally run out of time. My “life with a touch of add” is not conducive to all of this right now. So I will read, and comment and blog in my head. Love you!

  2. love that he helped it become cohesive. Looking at the photos is like watching the words dance on the page. They all flow together as they show. Fluidity w a touch of sass here and there. Just enough to let you stop and take in the moment.
    Love Bella

  3. I have known Danielle for a long time. She is a supercharged person. All she does, she loves. I know she loves all the categories on this site. She believes in them and they are all great. Everything is done to the best notch. I love you Daniella (Mr. John) and wish you all the best.
    Everybody, you will just love all her information on this blog. Can’t wait to try all your recipes and see the newest fashion news.


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